Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Baby Snuggles

Monday, September 18, 2017

Can You Guess Which Kid...

...made each of these "My Life In Apps" worksheets??
This was such a fun back-to-school activity for them to complete. 
Now YOU get to figure out who is who....

**answers included at the end of this post**









As you can see, some kids took a more literal approach and included their favorite apps that they use and some kids made up their own apps to describe what is important in their life.  Either way, it was so much fun!!!

Here are the answers and their grades for the 2017/2018 schoolyear....
A - Melody - 8th grade
B - Max - 4th grade
C - Fone - 11th grade
D - Yoda - preK
E - Pookey - 3rd grade
F - Mario - 9th grade
G - Rose - K
H - Ariel - 6th grade

How did you do??
What would your "Life In Apps" look like?  

Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Second Need For Stitches

So, this is old news to many of you, but we had to record it here on the blog diary....

We had some lovely guests over for dinner a couple months ago (Neil's parents) and before we even sat down to eat, Rose ran over to grandma.  She tripped on her own feet, fell and smacked her head on the leg of the bench her grandma was sitting on, and split open her head.  Oh man, oh man, oh man, the blood squirting that proceeded was unreal.  I just grabbed a towel and held it up against her head.  When I pulled it away the first few times, it continued to pour forth.  So, I had to just keep applying pressure for a while until it stopped bleeding.  And you could just see a gaping wound, in the shape of a letter Y, go figure!

It was obvious that an ER trip and stitches would be needed.  Thank God that Neil's parents were over and able to stay with the rest of the kids, so we could head on in. 

Rose was so sweet.  On the way to the hospital, she kept thanking me and telling me she loved me.  I never left her side and it was proof that God brings special graces in moments of need like this one.  Our dramatic whiny girl was an absolute doll and calm as can be!  God's presence was with us indeed!!!  Our little princess needed 7 stitches and will have a scar to last a lifetime.  May she always remember that she is a beautiful daughter of the King! 

So the summer of 2017 will be known in our family history as the summer of stitches. Started with Mario whittling himself and ended with Rose trying to take out a bench. 

Here's a little comparison of the healing so far.  This is a picture of Rose just a couple days after the accident with stitches in...

Here she is right after the stitches were removed (a week after the accident)...

And here is a recent picture (a little over two months after the accident)...

Friday, September 8, 2017

Things I Know To Be True...

So, I'm starting a new themed post, "Things I Know To Be True".  And I'm totally stealing the idea from a sweet kid I went to high school with and worked together with as a teen WAY back in the day.  Anyways, we are ALWAYS learning new things and some things just kind of stand out in life.  I love when my friend posts his "Things I Know To Be True" on Facebook because it makes you realize that most of the things are pretty minor but really huge if you stop and realize that small things can be significant.  Those small things, when you stop to notice them and count them as blessings or lessons learned, can really add up and bring so much value to your life.  And these moments happen more and more the more you DO slow down.  So, I hope to continue this theme in the many days and weeks and months ahead.  And I'd love to have YOU share some things YOU know to be true too.  I'll start us off...

#1 - Saying "no" is ok.

So this is going to sound strange and all, but bear with me...  Today is Mother Mary's birthday.  And, a day that I am reminded of her great "Fiat", her "Yes" to become the Mother of My Savior, her "Yes" to trusting fully in God's will.  I try my best to say "Yes" as often as I can, especially to my kids.  It doesn't happen all the time, but I try to as often as I can to let my own plans go and give to the good of another.  So why in the world would I say for this very first "Thing I Know To Be True" that it's ok to say "no"?  Because as a very good and wise friend told me years ago, "when you say 'yes' to something, you are almost always saying 'no' to something else".  Hmmm....  So this summer, as an example, I said "no" to helping out as a volunteer this summer even though I dropped off 7 of my kids.  My "no" became a "yes" to enjoy and love on my two littles and give them more one-on-one time.  If I would have said "yes" to volunteering, I would have missed that special time with my two littles.  It's so true to think of things this way, but we must.  We must understand that we can only do so much.  It's good to give of ourselves and weigh the outcomes of our "yes-es" and "no-s".  What are you saying "yes" to?  What are you saying "no" to this fall?

#2 - Letting go is hard, but necessary.

So this happened a couple weeks ago.  He's driving out on his own.  He even got a job.  Yesterday, he had his 16 year well visit and Lady had her 9 month well visit (one month late - lol!).  I doubled up the appointments because that's what us big family momma's do.  But it was so weird taking my oldest and youngest to the doctor at the same time.  Of course, I went back, because Lady still needs me to go back. And because the appointments were actually one, we all went back together.  And then I got to thinking.  Do all moms go back with their 16 year olds when they go to the doctor?  When do they stop?  When should I stop?  Wow!  And the driving to and from.  A whole new way of letting go and trusting God. It's part of life and part of parenting.  I know there are many more "letting go" opportunities in the future too and that this is only one of many.

#3 - It's ok to treat yourself to a Starbucks.

Those $4 drinks - yeah, you know what I'm talking about.  You feel so guilty and bad buying one.  But when you do, it feels so good.  It tastes so good.  It's such a treat to treat yourself.  And that's exactly what I did on September 1st when the new pumpkin spice lattes came out.  And not only myself but two of my cuties too...

#4 - Snuggling a baby is like therapy in and of itself.

It is.  You think you're doing them a favor by snuggling them and soothing them and putting them to sleep.  But as a mom of many, with babies to teens, it's funny to see how everyone just reaches out so naturally to smooch and steal and rock the baby.  It's not because the BABY needs it.  It's because WE need.  We need that lovin's.  It's just indescribable, but so very true.  It's brings a warmth, a comfort, a JOY like no other.

#5 - Norwex cloths ROCK!!

I've been putting off buying anything Norwex for years and never understood the hype, until a friend shared with me her new love for it.  This mom is just a little older than me and is wise in so many ways.  Definitely one of those older wiser mommas that I look up to and value her opinion so much.  So when she shared with me how awesome her new Norwex cloth was, I knew I HAD to try one.  She had a party last month and I bought 4 things - a Enviro Cloth, a window cloth and two cleaning products. I"ve only used the Enviro Cloth so far (stay tuned for more "Things I Know To Be True" about the other 3 if they "ooooh" and "ahhhh" me as much as the Enviro Cloth).  But seriously, my cloth hangs in the kids' bathroom and I"ll walk past the bathroom multiple times a day, wipe the nasty counters and mirror and it is shiny and beautiful in just a minute or two!  Ya rinse it out and hang it up to dry and can use it again - and the silver in it is supposed to kill bacteria!!  Crazy huh?

So what do YOU know to be true?  
Share away!  
I'd love to hear from you!!!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

16 Things We Love About YOU

I teared up with this birthday this year.  This awesome kid has gotten over the hump of crazy grouchy teenage boy hormones and has became one of those sweetest, most pleasant, responsible, dependable, and handsome teenagers I have ever met.  I know I'm his mom, and you all would say that I'm biased.  Maybe a little.  But if you've met him or know him, I think you'd absolutely agree too!

Obviously with this birthday, we also celebrated a big milestone - DRIVING!!  And he passed his driving test and got all his hours in, so he's an official driver.  And what a blessing that is!!!  It's so strange still, but the reality is setting in and man, it totally takes a different trust in God and letting go even more.

So I've already shared a few things above, but here's 16 more things we love about this guy - Fone....

#1 ~ that you play games with me (Rose)

#2 ~ that you are my best friend (Mario)

#3 ~ you are handsome 

#4 ~ you are nice to me and kiss me (Yoda)

#5 ~ you help me with my school if mom is busy (Rose, Pookey, Max)

#6 ~ your drive to always do your best 

#7 ~ you babysit me (Max)

#8 ~ you play video games with me like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale (Ariel)

#9 ~ you are so responsible and an amazing helper/volunteer who genuinely wants to help others 

#10 ~ I like playing games/video games with you (Mario)

#11 ~ you are smart and do amazing with your school

#12 ~ your snuggles and smooches (Lady)

#13 ~ you are funny (Melody)

#14 ~ you were the first to call me "Mom" and have made all these firsts so fun and enjoyable

#15 ~ you help me when I play video games (Pookey)

#16 ~ I am a mini YOU!  (Pookey)

++God love you and bless always, Fone!  We love you and are SO proud of you!!  May St Christopher always intercede for you in safe travels!++

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Chew, Chew, CHEWS life!!

**Chews Life products can be found HERE**  

Friday, August 18, 2017

12 Tonight - 13 Tomorrow

Going to bed 12.
Goodbye childhood years.

Tomorrow we will welcome teenage girlhood into our home.

I look at this beautiful girl and am in awe of her joy, her attitude, her brains, her beauty, her maturity, her faith, her love and just wonder what God has planned for her. I know one thing for sure - she's going to be one amazing mom! Being the oldest girl in a large family is excellent training for future motherhood, by the way!

I hope and pray she can surpass all of my own goals and successes in life and also learn from my mistakes and failings and rise above them to shine to be a beautiful daughter of Christ!

I hope and pray that we can be the closest of friends as well, because we all know the bond between a mother and a daughter is so special.

Happy birthday, dear!  
I love you SO much and am so proud of you!!!!!!

++May God love you and bless you always!!++
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