Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Prayer Request...

++St. Christopher, pray for us++

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

15 Things We Love About You!!!!!

We should have known that when you were born on your actual due date, that it would be a little hint of the person you would become.  Fifteen years ago, when I woke up with contractions, I knew it would be the day I would get to meet you and I couldn’t wait to become a mom.  Every day since then, I am so blessed and grateful to be a mom.  YOUR mom!  We love you SO much!!  Here’s just a small sampling of the reasons why we love you….

15 things we love about you, to celebrate your 15th birthday!!!!!!! 

#1 – how handsome you are!!  (Mom)

#2 – how he plays Pokemon Go and is so good at it (Max)

#3 – he plays baseball with me (Pookey)

#4 – how he is so responsible and good at his school work (Mom)

#5 – he helps me with my school (Ariel)

#6 – he’s my best friend (Mario)

#7 – I like his hair (Rose)

#8 – how he is so fun to watch play video games (Melody)

#9 – he plays games with me when he babysits me (Rose)

#10 – how helpful you are to your family and how much we rely on you (ex:  if you don’t pack the van, half of the stuff we need is forgotten)   (Dad)

#11 – he helps me build new lego sets (Pookey)

#12 – he’s the big guy and I’m the tiny guy (Yoda)

#13 – how he plays Super Smash Bros with me (Max)

#14 – he lets me play his ipad (Ariel)

#15 – you have a great sense of humor and make us all laugh  (everyone)

++Thank you, Lord, for Fone!!  Please bless her today on his birthday.  Help him feel your love. And please help him feel your presence all throughout the next year!!++

Thursday, August 18, 2016

12 Things We Love About YOU!!!

Our first August birthday is here!  Melody turns 12 years old today!!

To celebrate here on the blog, we wanted to share 12 Things We Love About Her along with 12 pictures from the past year....

#1- that you are my sister (Ariel)

#2-  that she plays games with me    (Pookey)

#3-  that we like to read the same books (Mario)

#4- how responsible, mature, and helpful she is (Mom)

#5- her lovin's and snuggles (Yoda)

#6- that she is pretty and beautiful (Rose)

#7- how good she is with kids (Fone)

#8- when she tickles me  (Max)

#9-  we are a lot alike - she likes to do what I do (Ariel)

#10- that I get to wear her old dresses (Rose)

#11- how much she reminds me of her mother (Dad)

#12- she is a mini-me (Mom)

++Thank you, Lord, for Melody!!  Please bless her today on her birthday.  Help her feel your love. And please help her feel your presence all throughout the next year!!++

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

CSJ Boys Camp 2016 - "Whatever You Do"

Two weeks ago today, I waved goodbye to my hubs and two oldest sons (and two nephews who rode with) as they drove away for a campout with the Community of St. John.  With a few tears in my eyes.  When you are married and completely one in your marriage, a parting such as this is hard.  But so worth it, because of the amazing opportunity that comes with it.

So what is Boys Camp and what do they do?


(Look at that cutie in the top left!!  Can I admit how my heart skipped a beat EVERY time I saw him in the video - see below....)




(father of 8 - soon to be 9 - has the gift of delegation down perfectly.  Don't you love his pointed finger in giving direction?!)


Here's this year's video of pictures from the camp....
(which some of the pictures from above were taken from it, so I apologize for any blurriness)

++Thank you, God, for the Community of St. John for leading this wonderful camp every summer for our boys and giving the boys such a beautiful experience on what living their Catholic faith is like. Thank you for your Body of Christ, living and present and shining so brightly on retreats like this!!++

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

7 Ideas for Kids to Celebrate the 2016 Olympics

I don't know about you, but my kids are thrilled the 2016 Olympic Games have started!!  As a homeschool teacher, you always want to tap into the interests of your kids and expand upon them to create unique learning opportunities.  So why not do so with the Olympics this year??

1.  Schedule
Here are two printable schedules that we found and printed online.  Be sure to check out the tv listing one though for the actual times that the sports are broadcasted.  My kids have been so cute, first thing in the morning, running to the schedule to see what's playing for the day.

2.  Flag Banner
We printed these cute little table toppers, cut them out, folded them over and glued them onto a piece of yarn to make a nice banner.  There are only 16 flags, but they are most popular ones and definitely ones that are good for the kids to recognize and become familiar with.

3.  Torch Craft or Coloring Page
Gotta include the Torch, eh?  Pick which one is best for you and your crew - a simple coloring page or a 3D version of a hand holding a torch.  Both super cute!!  And if you have big kids too like me, you might want to offer this cool Origami Olympics Ring craft as well.  ;)

4.  Food and Snacks
Love this link and three of their ideas - Olympic Rings Pizza, Torch Snack, and a Gold Medal Dessert!  Sounds like a great family night and a fun themed meal already planned!!

5.  Build Lego Flags
If you have Lego fans in your house, then you gotta set them loose in building away little Lego flags.  Here are two examples I found online.  They might have to be creative with some symbols - like all the stars in the United States flag.  (my crew just taped on some white paper to add in that color since we didn't have white duplos)  See what they can come up with!  And, maybe their little imaginations will run wild and they'll build other creations related to the Olympics.

6.  Build Up Some Pride For Your Team/Country
Wear your red, white and blue clothes and your stars and stripes!!  Get out all those cute clothes that your kids wore for Fourth of July and have them wear them when they watch the Olympics.  Wash them, and then re-wear again!  Most likely, you'll be in the comfort of your own home, so you can wear the same outfit twice during the week, or even three times, four times!  ;)  Learn about the States where your favorite athletes are from.  Make a Flag Banner and Flag Legos for all the states (#2 and #5!).  And, if you don't know this song yet, watch and watch and watch until you are singing it by heart....

And a second song that I want my kids to work on and learn by heart is our National Anthem, since it's played whenever Team USA wins gold....

7.  Watch It Together
Seriously, this one is SO easy, yet SO hard.  Moms and Dads, sit down with your kids and watch it with them!  We have been doing this and even eating some dinners out in our living room (easy, non-messy finger foods, of course!).  This quality time is huge for kids - they love it.  And you will love the conversations that happen SO naturally when you watch it with them.

What are some fun things you are dong with your family to celebrate the Olympics this year? 
Please do share and comment below!  I'd love to hear from you!  :)

++God Bless Team USA and all the other participants in the 2016 Rio Olympics++

To take part in or view more Seven Quick Takes, click on the image below....

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