Thursday, March 16, 2017

You are 11 and a little bit of HEAVEN!

We have another birthday!!!

Our gorgeous Ariel turns 11 today!!!

Happy birthday, sweetie!  We love you SO much!!

To celebrate these last 11 years with you, we each wanted to share the things we love about you totaling 11....

#1 ~ How you like to give hugs- you won't let someone leave the house without giving them a hug and a kiss "goodbye" (dad)

#2 ~ How you play city lego's with Max and I (Pookey)

#3 ~  Your CrAzY laugh (Melody)

#4 ~ your snuggles (Lady)

#5 ~ How you are so kind and caring and always willing to help (Mom)

#6 ~ How you sit with me at bedtime while I fall asleep - you are my bedtime buddy!!  (Yoda)

#7 ~ That you play Minecraft with me (Max)

#8 ~ That you play Barbies with me (Rose)

#9 ~ I like to play card games with you (Fone)

#10 ~ That you are always looking for reasons and ways to help around the house when no one else wants to (Mario)

#11 ~ She's my best friend (Melody)

++Thank you, God, for Ariel!!!  Please bless her abundantly over the next year!!++

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Oh where, oh where, does the time go?

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Celebrating A Special Birthday

March 4th

"March Forth!  
It's a command, you see!"  

These are words my Grandma Morris would share often regarding her birthday.  What a cool day to have your birthday - the date forming a "command".  I can almost see and hear her say that now, with her sweet smile and smiling eyes.  How I love and miss those times.  But, I am thankful for our memories and so blessed to be able to carry them on.  She would drop off yummy treats and baked goods every year on our birthdays and make sure to call and sing "Happy Birthday" too.  These small acts given were HUGE acts of love received.  Ones that I hope to carry on and bless us others with as well.  We've definitely taken over the singing of the "Happy Birthday" song and are known to even play the piano while we sing it.  She was my only grandparent who was musically inclined (piano and mandolin), and I know it brought so much JOY that my own children were in music/piano lessons.

One of her signature treats were Rice Krispie Treats - cut into squared, wrapped in wax paper (like a little present) and topped with a sticker.  It was so special to get them every year!  We looked forward to them on our birthdays and holidays.  She would never forget.  And who remembered them this year?  Not I, I must say.  My awesome husband!!!  He was the one who remembered and said we need to make them.  So it became a family project!  We used the standard Rice Krispie treat recipe and made up three batches and them shared them at a family get-together that same night.

I never had a write up on my Grandma Morris as she passed away in December of 2010, which was before I started blogging.  So this is my first sharing about her.  What a blessing she was to me!!  Here are some pictures I could find of her....

(A family birthday we had at our house - whose birthday - dunno!  But you can tell these kids have changed a TON since then!  Love the smiles from Grandma in the background.  She sure loved all the kids!!)

 (Grandma and Grandpa Morris with baby Melody)

(Grandma Morris, my mom, Grandma Hamerlinck)

 (Grandma and Grandpa Morris with Ariel, 7 months old)

 (Grandma and Grandpa always made it in to visit our new babies in the hospital, but little Max was born on a nasty snowstorm so we had NO visitors in the hospital for him.  They did make it over when he was a couple weeks old though - in this picture!)

(My dad with his parents - again another family birthday party at our house - for our August birthday kids, Fone and Melody) 

(Fone's 7th birthday party) 

(Grandma and Grandpa with Max, who was just a little over a year old here)

++Thank you, God, for the life and love of my Grandma Morris.  I pray she is already in her Heavenly Home, smiling down upon us.  May her love and intercession be with us daily!++

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Longing for Lent

"Longing For Lent"

Yeah, I know what you are thinking.  No way, Jose!

But, yeah, I mean it.  Our oldest is 15 years old, I mean 15 years "young".  ;)  So we have been doing this Lenting thing as a family for quite some time.  That doesn't mean I'm getting old, does it?  Nah - I'm forever young.  We have many traditions that we have carried through many years.  These traditions bond us and shape us as a family.  They help form our faith and plans for different seasons of the Liturgical year.  And for some reason, I'm always "longing for Lent".  So ready to begin.  Not that I'm 100% ready and set up and prepared to begin.  But my heart and soul is ready to jump in.  Same with my kids.  They can't wait.  Even with the giving up of things - tv time, electronics, sweets, coffee, pop, etc... and doing/giving more, they are ready to jump right in and surprise me with their sacrifices each year.  These sweet kids have a heart to give.  A heart to love.  And a heart to sacrifice.  The Holy Spirit dwells so beautifully and shines during Lent - in the love, sacrifice, and family bonding.

So, what do we do?  Let me share a "few"...

**pictures and tutorial found here of how to make a table top display and tool for keeping track of our Lenten sacrifices

**Lent song for kids (and review of Dogma Dogs cd) found here

**We make the large cross out of brown constructions paper and tape it to a door or wall.  Each family member traces their hand on construction paper, cuts it out, writes their Lenten promises on it, and  tapes it to the cross.  We also hang up some printable Lenten calendars, where the kids color a square each day of Lent, counting down the days to Easter.

**Multiple times a week, we march around the house with flashlights and pray the Stations.  The Stations we use are these posters and they are hung up throughout the house, so we can march from room to room as we pray them.

**See my post over at Cuppa Catholic on our favorite Lenten devotionals

**You can buy a kit here to make this beautiful Jesus Tree felt tree and ornaments, which ends up being a Family Lenten Bible Study - starts at Genesis and leads up to the Death and Ressurection of Our Lord

**Let your kids build away!!  Here's a look at some of our Lenten Legos.

**A look at my fasting from last year

**food and scripture to teach the meanting of this day

**food and scripture to teach the meaning of this day

Linking this post up with Siena Sisters, which will have a Lenten Blog Hop

Click on the image below to get more ideas for Lent this year!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

14 Fabulous Years With You

Hi, darling Mario!!!

Today, you turn 14!!!  Oy!  How and when did that happen.  You are our second son.  So very different from your older brother, Fone.  So uniquely blessed in your very own way by God!  We love you and wish you a blessed day today!

To celebrate 14 years of your life, here are 14 of the many things we love about you...

#1 ~ you are my BEST friend (Fone)

#2 ~ that you are MY Godfather!!!  (Lady)

#3 ~ that I am a mini-YOU (Max)

#4 ~ your cheery and positive personality

#5 ~ you jump on the trampoline nice with me (Pookey)

#6 ~ that you always tell jokes and make me laugh (Ariel)

#7 ~ you play with me and love me (Yoda)

#8 ~ your creativity

#9 ~ how you naturally enjoy playing with and spending time with your younger siblings

#10 ~ you are easy going

#11 ~ that you let me play Air Soft wars with you (Melody)

#12 ~ that you are SO silly (Rose)

#13 ~ you are SO handsome!!!  Ooooh la la!!

#14 ~ your giggle

We love you bunches, Mario!!

++Thank you, God, for Mario!!!  Please bless him abundantly over the next year!!++
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