Friday, August 24, 2018

Blessed with 17 years with you!!!!

Happy birthday today to our young one who first made me a momma.  It's such a blessing watching you grow and mature and I'm so excited to see what God has in store for you in the future.  You are handsome.  You are humble.  You are super smart.  You are one amazingly talented kid!  You put in 120% of yourself in whatever you do and excel amazingly.  I am so blessed to be your mom!!  

 (performing in Shrek)


 (performing in Seussical)

 (March for Life 2018)

 (you always had the best expressions during the ride pictures from our WDW trip!)

 (you played in Marvello the Magnificent as Marvello)

++Thank you, Lord, for Fone!!  
Please help him feel your love and presence all throughout the next year!!++

Thursday, August 23, 2018

14 Blessed Years with YOU!!

(yummy peach upside down cake made by Grandma Mary!!) 

(Lady was very concerned and curious about the candles.  Melody made her own lemon cupcakes for her birthday party)

Happy birthday to our  firstborn daughter!!! 

She’s bright, beautiful, responsible, faith-filled, kind, and talented!!! 

And how blessed I am that she’s also a friend!!! Love how as our young ones grow older, the closer we become!!

Here are some pictures of you from this past year.  What a joy it is to be part of your life!!

 (waiting to watch Fone in Shrek)

 (riding the carousel with Yoda)

 (Little Flowers Daddy Daughter Dance 2018)

 (Homeschool Prom 2018)
 (Confirmation Trip 2018 - what a blast we had!!)

 (Little Flowers Mother Daughter Tea)

 (we love when you bake for us!!)

 (you did a wonderful job performing in Seussical singing and dancing!!)

++Thank you, Lord, for Melody!!  Please help her feel your love and presence all throughout the next year!!++

This Week's "Funny" - volume 1

We all need a little laugh every now and then, right?  After the CrAzY busy week I've had with this being our first week of school, I'm glad God sends plenty of reasons to laugh.  With my blog being poorly neglected, I thought I'd try to start something new.  I've got nothing to lose, right?  So if I fail to continue this sharing, then no biggie, I'm already failing at blogging regularly.  And if I get around to it every so often, then we'll call that a win!  So, once a week, I'm going to (try to) share with you a funny moment that happened during our week.

Before I get started, I thought I'd share some quotes from our Saint friends on humor and laughter...

“Laugh and grow strong,”
~St. Ignatius

“From silly devotions, and from sour-faced saints, good Lord, deliver us”
~St. Theresa

“The sense of humor salts all his escapades.”
~St. Francis of Assisi

“A heart filled with joy is more easily made perfect than one that is sad.”
~St. Philip Neri

“Angels can fly because they take themselves lightly.”
~G. K. Chesterton

I used to be a fairly organized person.  Kept my calendar up to date.  Was on time to all our appointments and activities and obligations.  But then, God sent kids our way.  One right after another.  All the way up to 9!  Yeah, that's a LOT of kids to love, keep track of, feed, clothe, teach, bathe, and on and on.  Then they started with outside activities.  Music lessons, sports, theater, playdates, parties, jobs, and on and on.  It's hard to keep track of everything.  That little square on my wall calendar is too small for all that we do, especially on our busy days when we are at multiple activities and going many different directions.  Anyways, excuse, excuse, excuse (yeah, I'm good at those).

Last week, our sweet Rose got an invitation to a birthday party for one of her friends.  I read the invitation and marked the calendar for the coming week and realized we had less than a week to get something bought.  We went shopping with little notice and were ready to go on the party day.  She was so excited to go. We fed her an early lunch.  Got her all dressed as a princess and her hair all done up by her big sissy.  We hop in the van and head off.  With good time actually!!  We were going to show up like 5 minutes early.  Go me!!!  Total pat on the back moment, I tell ya!  Anyways, about a few minutes from home, I had a feeling that I better check the party time to make sure I was right with my times, as I am a very distracted person with constant interruptions in my days.  And by golly, I realize that the party was not that day - it was in ONE MORE WEEK!!!  We were not only headed to a party five minutes early, but a whole STINKIN' WEEK EARLY!!  LOL!!  Yeah, that's been my week - can barely keep track of anything.

Needless to say, when I call hubby to let him know and to laugh with me on my stupid error, he suggests that maybe we start using our phones to plan our calendar instead of our overfilled and crammed wall calendar.  Not really the reason for my screw up here.  Just a silly dense moment when I was planning so far ahead and was messed up in my weeks.

Anything funny happen in your neck of the woods this week?  Please share on.  Let me laugh a little about someone else's funny moment instead of my own.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Wordless Wednesday: Fishing Days

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Wordless Wednesday: Our 20 month old Beauty

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Treasure Your Babies

Mommas, treasure and love ❤️ your babies. 

Each and every moment. 

They grow up so fast and they are all gifts from God!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Gift of our Fathers

God our Father,

we give you thanks and praise for fathers young and old.

We pray for young fathers, newly embracing their vocation;
may they find courage and perseverance
to balance work, family and faith in joy and sacrifice.

We pray for fathers around the world
whose children are lost or suffering;
may they know that the God of compassion
walks with them in their sorrow.

We pray for men who are not fathers
but still mentor and guide us with fatherly love and advice.

We remember fathers, grandfather, and great grandfathers
who are no longer with us
but who live forever in our memory
and nourish us with their love. 


(prayer found here)
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