Thursday, November 16, 2017

5 Years with this Little Beauty

We celebrated another birthday in our house last Thursday.  Neil was blessed enough to take off work so we could celebrate Rose on her special day.  Fun meals chosen by the birthday girl and a trip to the museum - time together all day as a family!  It couldn't have been better, other than the fact that we had a kid come down with a fever that evening and had to cancel our evening swimming plans.  But after a busy day running around, being home as a family was wonderful too!

So, what do we love about this sweetie?  We normally share the number of the years, but that would only be 5!  When I asked siblings, they all spouted off things, so I have to share more....

**Her Harry Potter scar (Melody)
**She plays legos with us (Pookey)
**She snuggles me and plays with me (Lady)
**She's my little Disney princess (Fone)
**She's a 16 year old stuck in a 5 year old body (Mario)
**Her big beautiful brown eyes (Ariel)
**She's snuggly and cute (Daddy)
**She plays with me (Yoda and Max)
**She is a fashionista (Ariel)
**Her bubbly personality and the joy that radiates from her so beautifully!  (Mommy)

Here's a look back at this past year with her....

 God bless you Rose over the next year ahead!!  May you feel His love and share His love with those around you!  We love you SO much!!  Happy happy happy birthday!!!!    

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Our 1-derful Little Lady

Out of all our babies, Little Lady's first year definitely was the first to fly by so quickly.  And how can that be?  Is it that we are too busy?  Is it because we have so many kids to keep track of?  Is it because I'm getting older?  Who knows?  As much as we want to, we cannot stop or pause time. But there's one thing we can do.  We can enjoy and treasure every day!!  And that we have done...  We've treasured every moment with our sweet baby girl!!

She's following in her siblings footsteps...  although she's one, she's nowhere near walking.  I'm sure part of that is because there are SO many arms here wanting to hold and snuggle her.  Yes, we still play baby hot potato with her daily!  We just can't help it - lol!!!  She's a crawling pro though!  Believe it or not, she's our first army crawler!  And, I think the reason being is that one of her cousins joined the military/Airforce this year!  Her first two teefers came in just a couple weeks ago.  I was getting a little nervous wondering if they were ever going to come in.  Thanksfully they did!  And she totally skipped the crazy drooly stage too!  She's still nursing like a champ.  Eating three meals a day of baby food, mostly because she just got her teeth in.  But we'll be moving to more table food soon enough.  Today and yesterday, she got momma's yummy potato soup, so there's a first step to eating like the rest of us.  Out in public and around strangers, Lady is very shy and quiet.  Hasn't really broke down into tears yet, but has got very close.  Here in the walls of our house, she's smiley and happy and sweet as can be.  Maybe this means, she'll be a little homebody?  She loves to dance too!  Her big sisters have chose her favorite song for her and dance with her all the time....

You should see her dance to it.  As soon as she hears the music, she gets all excited!!  Anyways, we love her to pieces and thank God for the gift that she is to each of us!!!

Here's a look at the last year with her, including her three week NICU stay all the way up to turning one and the famous cake SMASH pic...

God love you and bless you little Lady!!!  
May you be blessed with many more happy birthdays!!
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