Sunday, October 8, 2017

How Can It Be.....

.... that you are 3??!!!

Happy birthday to you, sweet little Yoda, our brand new 3 year old today!!!  We love so much!!  You bring SO much JOY to our lives!!  Here's just a few of the reasons we love you and are glad you were born:

**you play with me lot (Rose)
**you are goofy and spunky and cute - and you KNOW IT!!!
**your giggles (Max)
**your hugs (Mario)
**your snuggles
**how you are a momma's boy
**your cuteness (Pookey)
**your kisses (Ariel)
**how you jabber
**you are a mini me (Fone)
**your sweet funny personality (Melody)
**you make me giggle (Lady)
**you are a smart little guy

Here's a look back at this last year with you....

God bless you today and always, little buddy!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Baby Snuggles

Monday, September 18, 2017

Can You Guess Which Kid...

...made each of these "My Life In Apps" worksheets??
This was such a fun back-to-school activity for them to complete. 
Now YOU get to figure out who is who....

**answers included at the end of this post**









As you can see, some kids took a more literal approach and included their favorite apps that they use and some kids made up their own apps to describe what is important in their life.  Either way, it was so much fun!!!

Here are the answers and their grades for the 2017/2018 schoolyear....
A - Melody - 8th grade
B - Max - 4th grade
C - Fone - 11th grade
D - Yoda - preK
E - Pookey - 3rd grade
F - Mario - 9th grade
G - Rose - K
H - Ariel - 6th grade

How did you do??
What would your "Life In Apps" look like?  

Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Second Need For Stitches

So, this is old news to many of you, but we had to record it here on the blog diary....

We had some lovely guests over for dinner a couple months ago (Neil's parents) and before we even sat down to eat, Rose ran over to grandma.  She tripped on her own feet, fell and smacked her head on the leg of the bench her grandma was sitting on, and split open her head.  Oh man, oh man, oh man, the blood squirting that proceeded was unreal.  I just grabbed a towel and held it up against her head.  When I pulled it away the first few times, it continued to pour forth.  So, I had to just keep applying pressure for a while until it stopped bleeding.  And you could just see a gaping wound, in the shape of a letter Y, go figure!

It was obvious that an ER trip and stitches would be needed.  Thank God that Neil's parents were over and able to stay with the rest of the kids, so we could head on in. 

Rose was so sweet.  On the way to the hospital, she kept thanking me and telling me she loved me.  I never left her side and it was proof that God brings special graces in moments of need like this one.  Our dramatic whiny girl was an absolute doll and calm as can be!  God's presence was with us indeed!!!  Our little princess needed 7 stitches and will have a scar to last a lifetime.  May she always remember that she is a beautiful daughter of the King! 

So the summer of 2017 will be known in our family history as the summer of stitches. Started with Mario whittling himself and ended with Rose trying to take out a bench. 

Here's a little comparison of the healing so far.  This is a picture of Rose just a couple days after the accident with stitches in...

Here she is right after the stitches were removed (a week after the accident)...

And here is a recent picture (a little over two months after the accident)...

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