Friday, September 26, 2014

Brothers and Sisters

And pretty soon (two and a half weeks), we'll be adding another brother to these pics!!!

++Thank you, God, for these wonderful children, who as brothers and sisters have become the best of friends, all chosen and planned perfectly by You!!++

7 quick takes - a little bit of this and a little bit of that

Lots of little bits around here, going here and going there, and enjoying our "at home" time when that pops up too!   Here's a peek at our week and all the things God has been doing in our life....

Getting ready for baby in little bits.... we deep cleaned and moved around his, Doh- I mean "our", bedroom this weekend.  We got rid of a LOT of dust and have his sleeping quarters all ready to go.  Lots more on the list to do; but hey, we have a little over 2 weeks.  Plenty of time, right???

Plugging away at school at the Young Family Academy....  We are in week 7 and have found a nice groove called whoever-is-the-loudest-and-asks-the-most-gets-mommy-first.  We're doing as good and as peaceful as we can when there is one only mom/teacher (who is moving very ...s...l...o...w....), 6 students of varying ages and curriculum, and a toddler who gets into everything she should not.  So, lots of little bits of momma going around to teach and love and correct and guide these young'uns!  Thank God these kids are patient and understanding and there is a lot more computer-based learning to get us through this busy year!  

This sweet beauty just celebrated her 10th Baptismal Anniversary yesterday!   This quiet, little, meek girl is shouting out loud and clear that she is a "God Girl"!   Love her to pieces and the beautiful girl she is becoming each and every year!!!

This same sweet Beauty also gets ate by bugs little by little each time she is outside.  There is something about her, Max, and myself that bugs (most probably skeeters) are attracted too.  I have half a dozen bites on my legs too, I just don't react like Melody does.  I took her in to the dr a couple days ago, because although she had her normal CrAzY reaction of redness and swelling, there was also a blister that formed at the bite mark.  It's looking much better now after a days of benadryl and itch creams.

Pregnancy insomnia hits almost every night, so I take my sleep when I can get it - definitely in lots of little bits!!!  And as strange as it sounds, I actually get better sleep when da baby arrives.  

Our oldest of our young'uns just moved up from a size 8 shoe to a size 10!  I was definitely wrong in assuming his feet had only grew a little. I was thinking he'd go up by only one shoe size, not skip an entire size!!!  Man, I felt terrible after that trip to the shoe store!!!  And how did he get so big so fast??!!!!  Enjoy and love your kiddos every little bit and chance that you get, because it is so true that they grow up "in the blink of an eye"!  

As a busy momma of a large crew and the time and energy it takes to run a household and school in the midst of it all, I get little "me" time, and I'm perfectly fine and happy with that because of the grace and joy He sends when you live out your vocation to the best of your abilities.  That being said, I am extremely grateful and have used that "me" time wisely when it does happen- at my weekly prayer group.  We listen to each other, encourage each other, pray with each other, advise each other, and share with each other how God's presence has been seen and felt throughout our days.  These weekly gatherings and Christ-centered friendships are a true treasure!!! And who would have thought that I'd be having the sweetest little baby shower with baby #8 - thanks to these wonderful ladies loving and spoiling me?!!!

++Thank you, God, for your unending 
love and presence in all these little
 ways that add up to SO much!++


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Thursday, September 25, 2014

An interview with Christ **my responses**

I am a little late jumping in on this one, but "better late than never", eh?

Dr. Taylor Marshall's podcast and website were introduced to me by my wonderful hubby sometime last year.  He is so easy to relate to and really speaks to me - maybe it's the fact that him and his wife both have seven kids like us, or maybe it's because he is so down-to-earth?  Either way, you gotta give his pod casts a try and read his website too!  You will be encouraged to become a better person striving to live your life for Christ even more!!  

This post was from a couple weeks ago and many of the answers just jumped out at me and I wanted to share to remember them for myself, to give YOU an opportunity to think about them and pray and share (in comments or a similar blog post), and also for me to revisit these questions at a later date and re-do.  

So here goes.....

"It’s a spiritual interview. It’s a 5 minute check up. Here are the questions that Christ might ask you:
  1. What’s your favorite spiritual book?
  2. Show me one of your spiritual projects? Did you get it going?
  3. Who is your spiritual mentor in life right now? (You have one right now even if you haven’t deliberately chosen one)
  4. What’s the #1 question you have for me? (that is, a question that you have for Christ)
  5. What’s the #1 problem that you need to me (Christ) to solve right at this moment?
  6. What’s the #1 thing that makes you unhappy about being my disciple and friend?
  7. What’s the #1 thing in your life that you want to hide from me?
  8. What is your reaction to me? (example answers: hug, genuflect, high five, roll eyes, turn away, cross arms, cry on my neck)"
My responses....

#1-  the best soul food ever - His Word, the Bible....  Love feeding myself daily with the daily Mass readings and reflections on my Laudete app.  Other spiritual books that stand out immediately....  Always 1000 Gifts, Fr Michael Gaitley's books 33 Days to Morning Glory and Consoling the Heart of Jesus, and my two daily devotionals Small Steps and Catholic Mom's Cafe.  

#2- my biggest and most spiritual "projects" are forming, loving and nurturing the hearts and souls of my young'uns.  They are where almost all my time and energy is spent.  Did I get it started?  It was Him who planned and began these projects but it took mine (and Neil's) "yes", openness, trust and faith to do so and perseverance to continue on with this divine assigned project.  

#3-  no doubt - my hubby!  He is the one with that most difficult job - to get me to my heavenly home.  So I need to call on him to love and advise me best to get me there, and trust in the sacramental graces of Holy Matrimony.  I also meet with my Cursillo prayer group weekly and these ladies not only listen, pray with and for me, but they also help guide me in my faith when needed as well.  

#4-  what can I better do to love and serve you?  

#5-  this is a hard one for me!!  Why????!!!!  Isn't this equivalent to "praying for yourself", which has been a process and growth in itself.  
For me----> safe pregnancy and delivery of our lil guy.  
For others----> that my husband and children can follow and love and serve Christ and be all whom He calls them to.  

#6-  being judged/persecuted 

#7-  I can't, even if I wanted to and tried. Everything I do and say and think is seen by You, so I better be on my best behavior, eh?  

#8-  either running up to You and jumping in your arms -or- falling on my knees and You coming to pick me up??  I can only imagine.... 

love, Love, LOVE these questions and opportunity for prayer and reflection!!!

Thank you, Taylor Marshall, for the idea!   This was THE best quiz I have taken on the internet ever!  I can see the value in doing this again every few months and I am planning on typing it out and printing for my own kids for our homeschool.  

++Thank you, God, for always being so present and alive in my life and drawing me ever closer to You!!!!++

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pat-a-cake and Rose's first singing debut

Our sweet Rose sings ALL day long, probably because most of sing for fun throughout the day as well.  I say "for fun" because we lift up our voices to share our joy and silliness with each other.  Only a couple of us have been blessed with natural talent with singing - meaning Melody and Ariel (who love to sing in our children's choir at church and have very pretty voices).  The rest of us just sing for fun and to remind our wonderful God this is the gift He gave us and we'll use it whether those around us like it or not.

So back to da baby, she sings "ABC's", "Baa Baa Black Sheep" (or as she says "Baa Baa Sheep Sheep"), "Itsy Bitsy Spider", "Twinkle Twinkle", "Wheels on the Bus" and many more and any combination of these songs as well.  That is the cutest when she is so into her singing, she forgot what song she was singing and just adds a new one to it.

Just the other day she was taught Pat-A-Cake and loves doing this new song and clapping game with her brothers and sisters and momma and daddy.  Here she is having some fun with Max....

And, because she is a super shy girl when around anyone but her siblings and parents and very rarely shares her singing love and talent with others, I caught her on tape singing her most favorite of songs to share with all of you, but mostly to never forget this adorable baby girl whom we love so much....

++Thank you, God, for the gift of music, and the love of it you have blessed our family with!!++

Friday, September 12, 2014

7 Quick Takes - where have I been?

It's been a few weeks since my last post, and here are the reasons why I have not been blogging too much lately....

Fall Fest fun - although this deserves a post on its own.  Hopefully coming soon!

We have had two weeks of soccer practice and games start tomorrow.  We haven't done soccer since Fone and Mario were in Kindergarten and first grade.  Neil coached them way back then.  And, now guess whose turn it is?  Melody, Ariel, and Max!!  And, Neil is sharing his love for soccer and his kids by giving of his time and coaching them as well - well at least two of the three of their teams.

We have our first Little Flowers meeting tonight and I have been coordinating the group for our area for the last four years.  What a big job it is and it takes hours upon hours and emails upon emails, but every ounce of it is worth it for the joy it brings my girls and all the Little Flowers.  
++St. Therese the Little Flower, pray for us, that we have a beautiful year of learning 
and growing in the virtues and drawing closer to Our Lord!!++

Screenprinting!!!   My wonderful hubby has taken up the hobby of screenprinting to make the shirts himself for a couple groups our kids take part in and save the groups money, rather than having them professionally printed.  He has had many late nights as he experimented with and made the shirts when kiddos were in bed.  They turned out very well and I am so proud of him for his hard work and generosity of time!!  Thank you, sweetie, for making these shirts with love!!

School, of course!!  This week completes our 5th week!  Things are going very smooth with the changes we made to make it a more simple year and doable with a new baby coming.

On Monday, the boys' ConQuest group started up and Neil got to take all 4 boys!!  What a quiet house it was, dare I say?!!  Since Neil doesn't have enough to do with his time, so he also is the leader of the ConQuest group as well, and like Little Flowers, it requires a great deal of time to get the year going and set up.  But, he does it with love and joy and it pays off in the fun and learning the boys have with their friends.

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