Monday, August 25, 2014

Answer Me This #2

My second round of Answer Me This and it may be the last, if Kendra doesn't get a good turn-out.  Ah well, it was fun while it lasted.  But after you read mine, click on the AMT image and join in on the discussion and let's help keep it going!!

1.  What is your favorite picture book?
We are big fan of the classics and have quite a few of them in hardcover Usborne prints.  We love Dr. Suess.  And, Sandra Boynton.  Okay, so obviously not just one favorite picture book.  Oh yeah, and another favorite, that we all practically know by heart....

Definitely going to be ordering My New Baby as Kendra suggested since we'll have one soon (in 7 weeks!!!) and will keep my eyes open for anything else fun that stands out as I read the other suggestions.  How fun!  And, yet how dangerous!  I can see my amazon cart filling up now - doh!

2.  Are you a boycotter?
Nah.  Mostly lean on my husband and his leadership on this one.  If we boycotted every business that didn't support 100% of our beliefs we would have nowhere to shop, and I need to keep feeding and taking care of this crew that God has blessed me with.

3.  How do you feel about cheese?
Nummy num!  Gotta stay stocked in our house - shredded cheddar, shredded mozz, parmesan, and mexican cheese.  I especially like to hear Rose say the word, because it is almost always followed by a bright, BIG, beautiful smile...

4.  How many pairs of sunglasses do you own?
one pair - my magnetic sunglasses that clip on to my glasses.  I know - boring, but practical.  I am not much of a fashionista girl.

5.  How long has it been since you went to the dentist?
I went last month.  I go regularly and am seen every 6 months for check-ups.  At my appointment in July, doc said I need to come back in after our little guy is born to have a gum transplant surgery to cover up some receeding gums.  Pretty soon the root is going to be exposed - doh!  NOT looking forward to that....

6.  If you could visit any religious site in the world, where would you go?
The Vatican and all the beautiful sites surrounding it, of course!  :)

Please, please, please click over and join in on the sharing more about yourself at Catholic All Year. This may be the last installment if there is not a good turn-out.  So, hurry on over and click below....

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Little House on the Prairie birthday party

Miss Melody turned 10 last week, and after our surprise trip to celebrate hers and Fone's August birthday, this past weekend was the celebration with her friends.  It so happened that although she invited a couple more girls who couldn't make it, there were a total of 10 girls at the party - SO special!!  :)

Melody is just like her biggest brother Fone, in that they both LOVE to read.  She's been working her way through the Little House on the Prairie books and only has three more to read.  So, as her birthday approached, it was no doubt in my mind what her theme would be for her birthday and when I asked her, that's exactly what she said!!  We had a lot of fun searching for ideas and pulling them off.  Here is a peek at the party with all the fun, food, games, etc...

All three girls, included our littlest pioneer girl, Rose, all had on matching dresses from Lands End (in the pink hyacinth stripe pattern).  And, as much as I"d like to say that I sewed their adorable aprons, I went to Etsy for a little help.  Right now with my season in life and baby after baby that God seems to be blessing us with, He makes it very clear that it is not the time to pick up new hobbies.  So my sewing days will have to wait.  Oh yeah, back to the lovely aprons - I found them here, but there are SO many places on Etsy where to get them.  I just looked for the most reasonable price and they were under ten bucks!  This particular Etsy store sells gorgeous bonnets too, and speaking of, the girls never even put their bonnets on.

**Party Favors**
We filled these little buckets with Melody's favorite candies and each girl got an handmade friendship bracelet that both Melody and Ariel worked hard on in the days leading up to the party.  Then I bought these cutsie cloth checkered napkins in both blue and red to stash in their buckets and use as decorations as well.  The girls drank out of half-pint sized jars and were sent home with their jar as a party favor too.

I had printed out trivia questions from the LHOTP books that I stopped and asked the girls periodically throughout the party.  That was great fun!  The girls played the "Clothespin Drop", "Button, Button, Who's Got the Button", and also "Ducks Fly" (kind of like Simon Says but they perform the action/sound of the animal stated and are 'out' if they were tricked into a bogus sound/action - like 'Horses Quack').  The girls LOVED these games!!  I had printed out a LHOTP bingo, but we had so much fun doing these that we never even got to it.  I printed out a coloring page and a couple activity pages as well for the girls.

As per the birthday girl's request, we had grilled porkchops (made by the most handsome pioneer chef ever!!), fruity jello cups, snack mix, cucumbers, and lemonade (in half-pint sized jars) to drink.  For the birthday "cake" our sweet lady chose cheesecakes, with cherry pie filling to top it off!!

We sure had a lovely half-pint sized celebration at our Little House in honor of ten years with our sweet pioneer girl, Melody!!!  

++Thank you, God!!!++

Saturday, August 23, 2014

13 things we love about you...

Did I just type 13??  How can I be a momma to a teenager?!!  It just happened in the blink of an eye - seriously!

Although we could have continued with this list well beyond 13, in honor of you turning 13, here are 13 things we LOVE about you...

#1 - for being my brother and friend

#2 - you are a fun person to talk to

#3 - you like to read just like me

#4 - we share a birthday month

#5 - you are funny

#6 - you are nice

#7 - he loves me

#8 - he teaches me piano and reads to me

#9 - he loves me and plays with me and I love him so much!

#10 - you are a good student who takes your work seriously

#11 - you are naturally gifted piano player

#12 - your giggle and sense of humor is the same as your dad's

#13 - how you are the first one to make me a momma and to help me know the JOY that comes from loving and serving and giving your life for a child

Happy 13th birthday, Fone!!!  
We love you so much!!

++Thank you, God, for the gift and fun and delight that Fone is to our family.  Please continue to guide him, bless him and help him to be the person You want him to be!++

I don't ever want to forget...

....the sweetness and beauty and innocence of our baby girl's prayer.  Neil's birthday was at the end of July and on the morning of his birthday, we woke up to Rose saying this prayer all by herself with no prompting and never having been formally taught.  Obviously, these are words she hears on a regular basis and picked up on the beauty and meaning of this simple prayer.

++Thank you, God!!!++

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

***Wordless Wednesday** ---a double birthday surprise trip





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