Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A cross for me and a challenge for you

How fast things can change in a day, right?

We were praying for a friend's dad who was in a very bad accident last Wednesday night during family prayers and I mentioned that comment above.  Little did I/we know, it would soon happen in our own family....

I had an appointment Thursday at my urologist because I had passed a kidney stone a month ago, and my family doc wanted me to have a follow up with one and get this kidney stone problem and long history of them figured out.  When I got there, my doctor wanted to scan my kidneys and compare them to what they looked like a month ago. Upon reviewing the scans, he came in the room and started sketching on a piece of paper and showed how that one was gone, but there was one brewing back then that was reaking havoc currently and was in a very dangerous spot.  I had a 15 mm kidney stone right at the top of the ureter and blocking or about to block any output.  Bad, bad, bad.  He wanted to do a same day surgery, but said since I wasn't showing any symptoms or pain, he'd let me wait til the next day.  

Lots of scrambling on Thursday when I got home.  .  Tried to get Lady to take a bottle, since she is a 100% nursing baby.  Every attempt was failed.  What would we do?  She had to eat, right?  And it's very likely she can't nurse with me having surgery the next day.  Yikes!!  We did what we could and had to trust God in the rest that He would help our little girl and work all that out.  

Friday rolls around.  Surgery not til afternoon.  No eating after midnight, so of course, I was a starving girl.  No biggie.  Definitely didn't want to chance an icky belly and getting sick there.  We show up to the surgery center.  Get my IV.  Find a nursing baby safe antibiotic.  All is good!!  Right?  Not right...  When they cranked up the antibiotic on me, I immediately started throwing up and broke out into hives.  Minutes before surgery!!!!!  They wheel me back.  I"m still yacking.  I'm laid on the table in the OR.  And they give me Benadryl via IV since I'm covered in hives.  And then I'm out....  45 minutes of surgery.  Blast the frickin' stone and placement of the stent.  If you don't know what a stent is, just be thankful you don't.  2+ hours of recovery (which was only supposed be 20 minutes!).  The surgery center is about to close and I'm Miss Dopey Thing.  I'm still getting sick.  They threaten to take me to the hospital, but I can't make myself wake up - lol!  Hubs says he'll play nurse and is comfortable taking me home and take care of me there.  Thankfully they send these handy dandy disposal containers, because of course, the yacking continues.  Fun!  Kids come home.  We pray our family prayers with me zonked on the couch and I'm sure everyone laughing at Miss Dopey Mommy.

Saturday comes bright and early and I'm awake.  And hungry!!  Hubs graciously grabs a yummy breakfast from Caseys - breakfast pizza and donuts (my favorite white frosted ones even!).  He really does make a great nurse for me. "In sickness and in health", eh?  He's great at living out that part.  Did I mention I've had multiple surgeries, including 9 c-sections?  Yeah, he's got that part down!  

Fast forward through some pretty big things on Sunday and another special day on Monday (more posts coming!!).  I had been having some complications yesterday and today and I went back in today.  Got re-scanned.  The big monster stone is broken up in pieces, but still not ready to pull the stent.  Gotta make it do its thing and give it more time.  Grin and bear the pain and other fun things that follow (I'll spare you the yucky details).  

Anyways, so what am I rambling about?  What is the challenge?  I'm yucky.  Miserable.  So so so so so so unomfortable.  But doing my best to choose joy and still be loving. My health issues are minor compared to what they could be.  I'll accept this cross chosen especially for me.  For some reason, God really likes blessing me with these stones, and for some reason they have something to do with my sanctification.  So my challenge for you comes from this quote I came across today, which is God's perfect timing and planning....  

"We can cure physical diseases with medicine but the only cure for loneliness, despair and hoplessness is love."
~St Teresa of Calcutta

St. Teresa of Calcutta was around death and sickness all long, and knew that many health issues have a cure through medicine.  But she also knew there was a very heavy cross that she faced on a regular basis and knew there was a cure for this one as well.  This type of cross affects SO many people daily.  Lonely, sad, left-out, despairing people.  People I know.  People you know. And how do we help them?  LOVE.  Yes, love.  Reach out and love them.  Step out of your comfort zone.  Step out of your group of friends and open up your heart to them.  God will guide you and show you how.   

Please join me in prayer for these people who are forgotten about by others that they will always know Our Lord doesn't forget them.  He loves them.  He is there.  Always!!  And, through many of you kind and loving people, I know you will be His hands and feet and heart to share his love with the world!!  

Thursday, April 20, 2017

5 Months Old

Lady Edith has had a wonderful month!!  She's sure catching up from being 6 weeks early. She's rolling both ways.  She's sweet and smiley and giggly.  She loves her toys and grabs them and sucks on them.  She has us all wrapped around her little finger.  She's the best little nurser, which I'm still in awe that she is nursing 100% especially since the first two months of her life, she was bottle fed 100% (with me exclusively pumping b/c she wasn't ready to nurse).  She's getting super chubby from all that good momma's milk!  We all jump at her slightest squeak or whimper.

Oh oh oh, we love her so!!!  

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Happy Easter!!!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Time For Tea

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