Sunday, March 25, 2012

An Evening of Fine Arts - 2012

A few Fridays ago, one of our homeschooling groups hosted "An Evening of Fine Arts".  Over 100 people came to the event and children/teens shared their art in various ways - paintings, sculptures, crafting, singing, playing instruments, dancing. etc...  It was a such a beautiful display of how God has gifted all of our children.  Here are some pictures and videos of our talented Young bunch....
Max- 4 years old

"Months of the Year" - song and poster

Months of the Year handprint poster/calendar

Marble painting (left) and "Two Face" crayon drawing (right)

Ariel - 5 years old

playing "Twinkle, Twinkle"

"Fairy Land" clay (and other materials) display

"Flower Garden" handprint painting

Marble painting

Melody - 7 years old

2 piano pieces:  The Woodpecker Song (by:  Melody Bober) and Spanish Guitars (by:  David Kraehenbuehl)

"Fantasy Garden" made by clay (and other materials)
weaving art

weaving art
"Butterflies" using chalk, pastels, watercolors

Mario - 9 years old

2 piano pieces:  Rebecca Lewis) and Pumpkin Patch (by:  and Rickey Raccoon (by:  Melody Bober)

"Jack Skellington" clay art and crayon background drawing

"Castle" Lego art

"Walking Through the Streets" coloring pencil drawing

Fone - 10 years old

2 piano pieces:  Race Car (by:  Carolyn Miller) and One Dreamy Morning (by:  Kevin Costley) 
"Pirates of the Caribbean Remake" Lego art

"Once Upon A Brick" handmade boardgame
(closer look at instructions)

(closer look at boardgame)

Can You Find Jesus?  wood art
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