Sunday, April 15, 2012

There's always a first when it comes to painting Easter eggs!!

My sister is seven months pregnant and I jokingly suggested we paint a gigantic Easter egg on her belly this year.  She called me the next day and asked where to go buy paint and what kind to use.  Hee, hee!!  I was just tickled to death - she is such a trooper!  Anyways, since we homeschool, we have a TON of paint, so we invited my whole side of the family over for a fun belly painting project.  Throw in some food, snacks, kids, toys, a new trampoline, and it's bound to be a night of FUN! 

Here's pictures from our night of fun on Holy Saturday....

What belly should we paint?  My pregnant sister's or my dad's??

The soon-to-be-daddy of 3 boys gets the first brush stroke!

Their youngest at 2 years old is wondering what is going on....

And, then he decided it's HIS turn! 

Now with the brush! 

our big sister's turn

our Mom's turn

our Dad's turn

Goofey Dad had to poke the belly button!

our Mom snuck on a flower

our sweet niece's turn

the biggest brother is now somewhat interested - in watching ONLY!


The lovely family!

So, the BIG question is...  when will the egg hatch?  
It is due to hatch around June 16th.  


  1. CUTE! What a great idea! Love it. What a beautiful, big family! God bless.

  2. Thanks, JoAnn! My sister was such a trooper - she always has been, being the youngest of us four girls. It was sure a fun night! God bless you and your family too!!


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