Thursday, May 3, 2012

Update on our sweet Max

Last week, I posted and shared a prayer request for our Max.  He did AMAZING during the MRI.  He held so still and only moved when a Shrek song came on over the headphones ("Accidentally In Love")... he couldn't help himself and made an air guitar.  Hee, hee!!  They told him to "hold still" and he was a champ for the remainder of the test.  We are SO proud of him!  And, the best news of all is that it came back normal - praise God!!!  We went back in yesterday to his eye doctor and have eye surgery scheduled for July.  We'll gladly take eye surgery over brain surgery any day!  And, we have lots of time between now and then to see if his eyes shift any more.  Thank you all SO much for your prayers.  They were heard and answered!  We have one happy guy and a much relieved mom and dad!  Thank you God!!!!!!


  1. (over from M O)
    woohoo! what wonderful news. Been praying here.



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