Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's a Mystery! Holy Trinity VBS - day 2 and day 3

Day 2....

Snacks - the triangle is a symbol of the Trinity - so Trinity cookies was the chosen snack for day 2!

Games - Trinity baseball

What a fitting base for Trinity baseball! 

Creating the 2nd piece to the banner - a manger for God the Son

A closer look at the second piece to the banner on day 2

Our seminarian teaching the children about Saint Patrick, who brought so much meaning to the Trinity (he used this book)

Crafts - shamrocks to symbolize God in Three Persons
One set of the finished craft for day 2

Day 3...
(this day, we did not do crafts - instead, we took a special trip to the chapel to spend time with God the Son in Adoration and ended with Benediction)

Teens leading the songs during music time
Our wonderful deacon, who came to share with the children about God the Son and his Mother Mary and then took them to the chapel for Adoration and Benediction.  He prayed the Litany of the Sacred Heart and the Litany to Blessed Virgin Mary with the children in the chapel and instead of saying "have mercy on us" or "pray for us", he shared with the kids to say "Jesus, I love you" and "Mary, I love you".  It was SO beautiful!! 

some special time in the chapel getting a Son-tan
Snacks - Trinity sandwiches (PB & J and cheese sandwiches)

Snack time

Games - don't remember the name for sure - I'm thinking "sheet wave".  It was one recommended in the curriculum

 ***  Day 1 and preparations for the "It's a Mystery!  Holy Trinity VBS" can be found here.  ***

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