Sunday, February 3, 2013

Celebrating 5 years old -- Ninjago style!

Our group of 7 all dressed and ready to party -- Ninjago-style!!  Can you spot our 2 ninja's, a Master, Nya, and Lord Garmadon?? 

Max turns 5 next week and we had a cousin party for him last night.  He LOVES Lego Ninjago and chose that to be his theme.  It should be no surprise since martial arts/TKD is a family hobby and sport of ours.  Fone and Mario were great planners and helped out so much with the shopping, preparations and running the actual party.

Here is a quick run down of the party with ideas, pictures and links...

Scrapbooks/Coloring pages:  Fone is so good at organizing this, getting them printed and put togetherWe just found coloring pages online and printed them. 

Goody bags:  filled with candy, fortune cookies, Lego crayons (in the 5 ninja colors found here), and Ninjago stickers

Food:  First off, we got ninja plates and napkins.  Our local grocery store gave me some take-out Chinese containers to use for fun.  The boys used chopsticks and did such a good job trying.  Max requested corn dogs, french fries, and strawberries.  Hee, hee - I love the things they pick!!  So, he got that, plus a few other things to tie in the Ninja theme.  Here were our fun Oriental/ninja type foods that we served...

 ~Sushi and Maki rolls~
(Rice Krispie treats cut up and wrapped in fruit roll-ups and Swiss Cakes cut up)

(Again the Rice Krispie treats with fruit roll-ups and Boston Cream rolls cut up)

~Snakes stabbed with swords~
(gummy worms stabbed with sword toothpicks)

~Dragon Scales and fire sauce~
(black tortilla chips and salsa)

 ~The Crush~
(for the ninja's power and strength to crush their enemies, but the kids told me the pop was for the crush that the ninja, Jay, has on Nya - too funny!!)  

~Snake Fangs~
**Bugles - I forgot to take a picture**


Here are some pictures of the boys eating dinner and working so hard at using their chopsticks....

I *hate* posting pictures of me.  I share pictures of Neil plenty, but me - not so much!  Tonight, Neil stole the camera and took a couple and when I was going through the pictures to post here, I thought I better post the ones of me as well.  I need to just chose to be happy with who I am, how I look, even though I am a bit "fluffier" than I used to be and thank God once again for this season in life where spending time with my kids is more important than hours each week toning my body.  

Isn't he lovely???!!!  Oh yeah!  :)

**Sensei says (like Simon Says)
**Wii game (don't remember the name of it - but it's a ninja cutting up fruit with his sword)
**fun with balloons and noodle swords - the kids had so much fun bopping their balloons around
**Attack your enemies (a simple game of bopping the balloons hanging from the ceiling with noodle swords) -------again, I rarely post pictures of our basement because it isn't pretty.  Someday when time and money allow, we will get it finished it off. Until then, it's not-so-pretty....

Thank you, God, for our sweet blondy boy, Max.  He is so funny, full of life, and so stinkin' cute.  Your life shines so brightly through him to each of us, and he is such a blessing to our family.  Please be with him over the next year and bring Him even closer to You.  Amen!  
 Happy birthday, Max!  We love you!!! 

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