Monday, March 18, 2013

A little bit of heaven...

....when our sweet girl turns 7!

Thank you God for Ariel and all that she is to our family!

Since her last year's birthday post included pictures of her since birth, I thought I'd share a whole bunch of pictures of her from this past year....

Melody, Neil, & Ariel

Ariel and a sweet cousin

Ariel with her Grandma, cousins, and Melody

Ariel as the mad-catter

Ariel, her other Grandma and great-aunt

Ariel, momma with a pregnant belly. and Melody

playing with pumpkin goo and seeds

Ariel as St Lucy

holding and meeting little Rose
Ariel and Melody's turkey veggie tray

Fone and Ariel eating root beer floats to celebrate 12-12-12 (Grandpa Hamerlinck's birthday)

the momma and her girls
Ariel reading to Pookey and Max
A double birthday celebration with Ariel and her Godmother

Loving God, you created all the people of the world and you know each of us by name. We thank you for Ariel, who today celebrates her birthday. Bless her with your love and friendship that she may grow in wisdom, knowledge, and grace. May she  love her family always and be faithful to her friends.

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