Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Swim fun!!!

Last week, we had high temps (in the 90s) with super high humidity.  Might as well have been freezing temps though, since we were stuck inside because of how miserably hot it was outside.  There were even heat advisories out for our area.  So when my sister called and asked us all to come over there and swim for the evening, I immediately said "yes!".  Swimming is the only outdoor actity to do with weather like that.  And, when you swim past 6pm, you don't even need the sunscreen.  Win!!  So, we swam til it was too dark to see and the light up water toys weren't enough.  We ended the evening with kids watching a movie and grown-ups playing cards.  What a blessing it is to have family so close - both physically and as friends.  Love my sisters!!!

The "hostess with the mostest" - my beautiful sister!

My parents, although they didn't swim, joined in on the fun.  My dad got to chase pool toys that flew out.  And, my mom got to help snuggle and love the babies.  

We had a butterfly that befriended us and would not leave.  He kept landing on our heads, arms. shoulder, and finger!  Super cool!

My sister's sweet baby girl got to swim for her first time.  Have I mentioned that she is the first girl after three boys??!!!  She's a princess, no doubt!!

Yoda even got to take a dip.  Of course, the siblings couldn't keep their hands (and lips!) off of him.  He's just too stinkin' cute!!

The two babies and their daddies (and the nasty beer those goofey daddies drink!)....

And, I even got a picture of myself!  Selfie time!!!  Or is it even a selfie with others in the pic?  Ah - who cares!  (Don't you just love the reverse camera options on your phone?)

And another one of sweet baby, Yoda.  9 months olds now!!!

++Thank you, God, for family, fun, and swimming to be our relief with the high temps last week!!++
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