Thursday, August 13, 2015

Our Young Stars

The last couple nights were the summer showcase performances that our 5 oldest took part in.  All summer long, Fone, Mario, Melody, Ariel, and Max took theater classes once a week and at the end of the summer session, they always have a final performance.  Up on stage.  Acting in front of everyone.  With memorized lines.  Enough to make me want to run and hide!!  But, man, am I a proud momma!!!! They all did it!  And, they did a superb job!!!  I am in such awe at how God can do such amazing things by fostering a little creativity in your kids.

"Fairy Tale Feud"
Fone as Prince Uncharming

"The Emperor's New Hair"
Mario as a Townfolk
Melody as the Hairdresser

"Care and Feeding of a Dragon"
Ariel as the Dragon
Max as a Knight

Silly  Rose was asking about Showtime Pal (the theater's clown) the whole time.  Showtime Pal gives announcements before and after the showcase and also in between performances.  So, instead of looking out for her brothers and sisters, who were performing in the plays, Rose was more interested in Showtime.  Afterward, you can go get your picture taken with Showtime.  Of course, she was too shy, but we still snapped a couple pictures with other siblings.  Silly goose!!

++Thank you, God, for the theater and acting opportunities for kids in our area.  Thank you for the courage and confidence you gave my kids to perform and do their very best.  Their smiles, their energy, their love, their love come straight from You!++

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