Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thankful Thursday - ed #3

So much to be thankful for!!  

Today has just been a normal school day.  But here's three things that stand out from today that I am extremely thankful for...

The kids (who are done with school) are playing Lego's and Max and Pookey just came out to me with this cool creation.  I love how their little brains are not limited with time and most especially space when it comes to creating.  Isn't this Lego dude the coolest?

Little Yoda was ready for a nap, and thankfully his sweet sister (who is almost done with her school) scooped him and up, and rocked him to sleep.  She's a multi-tasker at heart, so she has to squeeze in some reading while keeping babe asleep.  She's reading the last of the Mysterious Benedict Society books on our kindle.  I read the first three aloud to the four big kids over the last couple of years, and told them they have to read the last one on their own.  So of course, Melody is wasting no time at all.

And progress!!!  Plaster guys are here today.  Painting (plain ole white is hubs preference) and flooring next week!!  Can we possibly be done in the next couple of weeks?  I think so!!!

++Thank you, Lord, for your presence living and breathing among us in the simplicity of our lives!++

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