Monday, November 7, 2016

Hello, World!!

Meeting Lady for the first time - after my recovery and her being admitted into the NICU

Surprise, surprise!!

We have a new daughter that we welcomed into this big beautiful world a little over a two weeks ago!!

Our little Lady decided to come *before* the scheduled c-section (Nov 1 @ 36 weeks gestation).  She came the same day I received my first steroid shot.  I joked around, "if she's anything like her brother, she'll be born today or tomorrow, because my body went CrAzY after receiving the first steroid shot with him."  And by golly, I was right.  Shot was at 10:30am and she was born at 9:32pm that same day!!  Can you believe it?  After having received my shot in the morning, it just seemed like the contractions started picking up as the day went on.  
Waiting for my steroid shot

Having scheduled my Anointing to be that night after 4pm Mass, we knew I'd have to go to Confession beforehand.  So we showed up for Confessions at 3pm and got as many of us in as we could.  Then we all went to 4pm Mass as a family.  My Anointing was after Mass, and even though I had 10 contractions during Mass, I knew I'd have to stick it out and still have the Anointing done.  Super important to have that Sacrament going in to a high risk c-section, not really knowing it would be that night.  We were all still thinking it would be on November 1st, the scheduled date.
Receiving the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick
We had already planned on a "fish and chips" dinner to celebrate the Feast of Pope Saint John Paul II, so we grabbed Long John Silvers and were going to head home for dinner.  But with all my contractions, I asked Neil to drop me off at the hospital to be monitored and to save me some "fish and chips" for when I get back home.  (who knew that wouldn't happen!).
"Fish and Chips" for dinner on the Feast of Pope Saint John Paul II - I never even got a bite!  

When I showed up to the hospital, a few nurses laughed at me because they were in there that morning for my shot - and I joked then that I might be coming back to have a baby that night.  And there I was needing to be monitored for contractions.  I showed up around 6:30pm and was contracting every 3-5 minutes.  Doc started a round of IV fluids hoping that would settle things down.  They did for a little bit - like 10 minutes.  And then they picked up even more - contractions every 2 minutes.  They decided not to give me a shot of brethane because if they had to do a c-section, they said it makes the uterus relax.  And, they wouldn't want a relaxed uterus to do a section on - they would need strong muscle tone instead. Doctors and nurses in and out, and all of a sudden my doc came in and shared, "I think it's time to have a baby".  Doh!  Neil was still at home.  Thankfully they announced that at 8:20 and there was still prep they had to do.  So he made it on time!!  Barely though!  They started the c-section at 9:30pm and "Lady" was born at 9:32pm.
right after birth

With this being my 9th c-section, there were many risks - blood loss, adhesions, damage to other organs, possible emergency hysterectomy, and more.  And, miraculously, NONE of that happened!  I'm still in awe at how smooth things went.  After baby was born, Neil was swept away with her.  And the stitching and putting things back together began.  THE tricky part, for sure.  I couldn't do anything but pray Hail Mary's after Hail Mary's after Hail Mary's.  I really didn't ask any questions.  Just prayed and listened to what was being said.  I will never forget hearing the doctor assisting my doctor say, "I'm so surprised how smooth things are going."   ++thank you, God!!++ And, at another point during my section, my doctor asked the doctor who was assisting her...."Are you Catholic?"  He responded, "yes."  And then the conversation that followed was a very clear indicator that Our Lady was interceding so strongly on my behalf.  Not only intereceding but truly present right there in the OR.  My doctor started sharing how they are not Catholic, but their kids go to Catholic school and how her son is struggling learning the Mysteries of the Rosary, and she asked for tips on how to memorize them.  As I'm praying Hail Mary's after Hail Mary's after Hail Mary's.  WOWZERS!!  It took my breath away!  ++thank you, God!!++  In one hour time, my uterus and body was put back together and I was in recovery by 10:30pm.  Just miraculous that things went so smooth and so fast.

Now don't get me wrong, things were not perfect.  This was my 9th c-section.  The cut they made was in a thick part of the uterus and right next to that was paper thin uterus.  But doc said she didn't want to touch that part.  I had some adhesions and she dealt with them carefully.  She put in a mesh-like material called Intercede to help with future adhesions.  She also did a double layer/stitch so things are strong for "next time".  Another thing my doctor shared is that she's had many second repeat c-sections turn out worse than my 9th.  And, when I asked her if she attribute how smooth things went to a miracle and the power of prayer, she responded, "Yes!"   ++thank you, God!!++

Here are "Lady's" birth stats:
Birthday:  Saturday, October 22nd
Time:  9:32pm
Weight:  5 pounds 13.2 oz
Length:  17.5 inches

Phew!!  My brain and hands are tired from writing this post, so I'll make the rest short.  With "Lady" being early and a little preemie, she has spent some time in the nicu and is still there - going on two weeks plus.  She has conquered breathing issues, jaundice, is keeping her own temps - and is only working on taking down full bottles.  It's been tough having a baby in the nicu and not being able to bring them home, but we are trusting God and being patient until "Lady" is ready to come home.  What a HOMECOMING that will be!!!

 5 days old!!  Look at all my beautiful hair!!

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