Saturday, December 31, 2016

A Fun/Yucky/Yummy Tradition ~~ Potato Bologna in 5 Easy Steps

I remember as a kid eating this food and the family getting together every year to make it with the Hamerlinck side of the family.  What a big production it was!!  And a production/tradition that we started this year with my parents and sisters and our immediate families.  It was a fun day, for sure!!!  And, we all have our freezers stocked with one of our favorite meals from growing up.

#1 - Peel all the potatoes and onions.

#2:  Wash out the casings (pig intestines!!!) under cold water and untangle them.

#3:  Grind the onions and potatoes.

#4:  Mix the onions and potatoes with the pork.  It's a pretty easy recipe....

10 pounds of pork
10 pounds of potatoes
3 big handfuls of onions
salt and pepper to taste

#5:  Stuff the casings (pig intestines!!) with the potato sausage mixture.  (this is the FUN part!  The kids all loved taking their turn!)

And, VIOLA, there ya have it ~ THE best potato bologna you have ever tasted!!!!!!!!!!  

Then you can freeze it or cook it....   
To cook, place in water and boil for 30 minutes.  
Cut open the casings and butter/salt/pepper to your liking.  
Serve with apples and rye bread.  

++Thank you, God, for this fun tradition and for carrying it on with my immediate family!!++

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