Thursday, March 16, 2017

You are 11 and a little bit of HEAVEN!

We have another birthday!!!

Our gorgeous Ariel turns 11 today!!!

Happy birthday, sweetie!  We love you SO much!!

To celebrate these last 11 years with you, we each wanted to share the things we love about you totaling 11....

#1 ~ How you like to give hugs- you won't let someone leave the house without giving them a hug and a kiss "goodbye" (dad)

#2 ~ How you play city lego's with Max and I (Pookey)

#3 ~  Your CrAzY laugh (Melody)

#4 ~ your snuggles (Lady)

#5 ~ How you are so kind and caring and always willing to help (Mom)

#6 ~ How you sit with me at bedtime while I fall asleep - you are my bedtime buddy!!  (Yoda)

#7 ~ That you play Minecraft with me (Max)

#8 ~ That you play Barbies with me (Rose)

#9 ~ I like to play card games with you (Fone)

#10 ~ That you are always looking for reasons and ways to help around the house when no one else wants to (Mario)

#11 ~ She's my best friend (Melody)

++Thank you, God, for Ariel!!!  Please bless her abundantly over the next year!!++

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