Monday, June 19, 2017

Playing Betty Crocker

When you have a wonderful big sister who gifts you with cherries from her cherry tree, you need to be creative on how to use them.  

First you must....

Wash 'em

De-stem 'em

Pit 'em

(and it's really nice to pawn those 3 jobs off on your 14 year old son, if you have one)

Cut 'em in half 

And then...

Make a PIE!!!  

So my baby sister and I got together last Saturday morning and made CHERRY pies!  My very first homemade fruit pie with a homemade crust.  Yeah, can you believe it?  And, I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't that difficult.  What do you think?  

It sure tasted great!!  Next up will be a homemade apple pie.  With a homemade crust again!! I can get used to this Betty Crocker thing!  ;)

What are some of your favorite ways to play Betty Crocker?  
What do you like to bake?

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