Monday, August 22, 2011

My new 7 year old and her picnic party...

Melody was such a treat on her birthday!  She is almost always seen with a smile on her face and it's because she is such a happy, sweet girl at heart.  Her smile was even bigger and brighter on her birthday, because the whole day was spent celebrating her

Here she is in the morning after opening a gift her brother painted for her.  She loved it!  It was so touching last month when he decided to paint a gift for his sister when I took him out painting for his birthday.  I love how my children truly love each other!  Makes a mom proud!

Melody's grandma took her out for lunch and shopping for a birthday gift, and during that time, I prepared for her party that she would have later that evening with her friends/cousins.  She wanted a picnic-themed party, so we chose a perfect picnic menu....

fruit kabobs

raspberry jam roll-ups

egg-n-tuna sandwhiches

and then throw in some cucumbers and chips for the perfect picnic menu!  

and of course, who could forget the ants crawling all over the food! 

Ariel helped fill and decorate the treat bags, while her sister was away with grandma....

In the evening was Melody's birthday party with friends/cousins.  The food was a great hit and I loved how dainty the girls were with the kabob sticks.  They all passed them down to me after the fruit was gone.  I know for a fact that the boys would have been swinging theirs around like swords - lol!  After cake and opening the gifts, they played a few picnic games...  "Find the Ant" and "Melody's Alphabet Picnic Menu" and a "Fill the Picnic Basket Relay Race". It was a great night and a lovely 7th birthday for our dear Melody! 

Oh yeah, one more picture to share - Melody with her Aunt, who also shares the same birthday!! 

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