Thursday, October 6, 2011

Captain America (Fone's sharing time)

All you Captain America lovers out there, I sure hope you are ready for the newest, comic writer- our very own, wonderful, 10 year old, Fone!!

He has been a writer since he was just learning how to form letters in his early elementary years.  I remember at such a young age having to spell many words for him just so he could put to paper what he was thinking and creating.  He started writing simple stories for himself, then for his siblings.  Around first/second grade, he wrote a series of Mr. Men books that were done so well and had an amazing sense of humor for such a little guy.  He also created his own character and wrote related stories - I gotta dig those out to remind myself what they were about...  During, his third/fourth grade years, he continued with his writing and did many Garfield comics (using a simple generator online where he chose the images and provided the words) and also a whole WebKinz series.  Well, he's just never stopped creating and writing, and amazes us day by day.  It's so humbling when you see gifts and talents that God has given your kids just explode.  And, all of this, was never done as an assignment, he just does it on his own.  He's always been our rabid reader and his writing has naturally blossomed from that.  He loves to read, and has developed a love for writing and creating.  Thank you God!!  <><

So, here's his newest and latest - a comic on Captain America.  (and just so you know, Neil took him and Mario this summer and after 10 minutes into the movie, I had to pick him up because he was too scared, so much of this comes on his own).  Enjoy!!! 

**you may have to actually click on each image to make it larger to view the whole text and pictures....

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