Saturday, February 25, 2012

February freezer cooking menu

In a little over 3 hours of freezer cooking, I came home with 8 freshly made meals and a gigantic fruit salad to feed my family.  My sisters, sister-in-law, parents and I have been freezer cooking at a local grocery for many months now and absolutely LOVE it.  We don't have to go shopping for groceries, pre-cook any of the meat, nor do we have to do any clean-up.  All we do is pick out our meals, send in a grocery list, and show up to assemble meals.  What a breeze it is!!!  

Here is our February menu....
Crockpot Chicken Burritos
Breakfast Burritos
Taco Pasta
Salmon Patties
Dijon Pork
Fresh Fruit Salad

I now have a full freezer waiting to feed that crew of mine.  Thank you God for freezer cooking and the blessing it is to my family.  

Here's pictures of our fun night, cooking away!  .....
My dad opening up cans

A smiling sister of mine

One of my sweet nieces cracking eggs for the breakfast burritos (and one of the amazing helpers at the grocery store)

Another sweet niece of mine cutting up fruit for the fruit salad

the "trick" for getting marinades to stay in bags and not spew all over the counter as you pour them in

Viola!  and not a drop spilled! 

my sweet niece again beating the eggs

My sister and her husband making taco salad

My dad with FREEZING cold hands mixing together the salmon patties

Another one of my sisters and her goofey husband (making BBQs)

Another amazing helper at the grocery store, reading to my niece as we finish things up

8 meals and a giant fruit salad = $105 and no clean-up! 


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