Sunday, February 19, 2012

Super Hero themed birthday party for Max

What a wonderful, fun, BUSY, blessed month it has been, and we're just a little over half-way done with it.  Max turned 4 at the beginning of the month and here are some pictures of the celebrations we had for him....

Celebrating with cousins
The weekend before Max turned 4, we had the boy cousins over (around the same age) to celebrate.  They all came dressed as their favorite super heroes.  Our oldest, Fone, was the party planner and this was so bitter sweet for me....  I LOVE planning the parties but am so proud how my older children have such a love for their younger siblings, want to do this for them, and have now taken away my "job".  He planned a musical chairs game, a scavenger hunt, printed and stapled a coloring book, and filled goodie bags.  Here's some pictures from the Super Hero party....
Fone, Max, Mario and 3 cousins

musical chairs (the seats had pictures that Mario and Fone colored and taped onto them)

Fone led the boys around the house on a scavenger hunt to find the stolen treasure -
go Super Heroes!!!!

another clue found - yay!!

They found the stolen treasure - the goodie bags!! 
Here are the clues for the treasure hunt (that Fone wrote all on his own!)

Party food - as per the birthday boy's request....  chicken (nuggets), corn, strawberries,
mashed potatoes - super easy and kid friendly

birthday cake - yummy!!

Happy birthday to Max!!! 

Celebrating on the actual day
Here's some pictures of his actual birthday and the gifts we shared with him.
The girls each painted him star hooks to hang up in his room, the big boys painted him a super hero box, and I painted him 6 super heroes (with the 4 big kids' help) to go inside the box.  When I saw the idea on pinterest, I tagged it right away and knew we had to do this for Max.  I think he liked them.... 
Max showing off the gifts his sisters painted for him

Max opening up the gifts his big brothers and mommy painted for him

super hero box to hold all his cool super heroes

I think he LOVES it! 

Fone and Max checking out all the painted super hero guys

Happy birthday to Max!

Celebrating with the family (combination Feb birthdays with Mario)
And, as crazy as it seems, Max also got to celebrate a third time with his big brother Mario at the combo family birthday party night.  Here's my February birthday duo boys, as I call them often - M&M....

I think they had a little help blowing out their candles, don't you?? 
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