Sunday, November 3, 2013

All Saints Day feast and celebration

We had a few families over tonight to celebrate All Saints Day, and of course, we had to have Saint-themed foods and games.  It is so much fun to tie food and faith together!  :)

Here was our menu tonight....

St Guissepe's pizza 
(although it was not from our local St Guiessepe's since they are closed on Sunday....
 it was Pizza Hut instead!)  

Juan Diego's Pork Carnitas

Martin de Porres cheese and crackers

St Valentine's sweet treats (pineapple) and St Therese of Lisieux' roses (strawberries)

Juan Diego's salsa and chips

St Isidore's pumpkin bars

St Cecilia's musical keys

St Christopher's traffic lights

**For games, the kids played....

Simon Peter Says

Pin the Flower on "The Little Flower" saint

Saint Treasure Hunt
(We did the treasure hunt twice, since we had so many kids -One time for the littler kids and then another time for the older kids.  Printables can be found here)

**And then we ended by gathering in our living room and singing a beautiful Litany of the Saints (led by my brother-in-law) where we invoked the intercession of everyone's patron saints and the saints they dressed up as this year.  It was super cute as each child heard their saint and seeing them light up!  

++Thank you, God, for the Saints who have paved the way for us to live with you forever in Heaven.  And, thank you for friends who hold our hands and walk along with us on earth to help us get There as well!++
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