Sunday, November 4, 2012

All Saints Day 2012

Getting caught up on posts is working out tonight with another hour of sleep - yippee!!  :)

We decided to stay home tonight and celebrate with our own Young crew the Feast of All Saints.  Of course, we went to Mass on Thursday last week on the actual feast and sang lots of saints litanies throughout the day, including our own litany of our patron saints and favorite saints. 

Here are our two favorite YouTube videos for All Saints Day....

This one is very beautifully sung by Matt Maher (one of our favorite musicians) and includes lovely icons.

The is the funny one where over 100 saints are named. 

The kids each chose their own saint to dress up as this year for our celebration here at home.  Here's our line-up....

Max as St. Patrick

 Pookey as St. George

 Ariel as St. Lucy

Fone as St. Isidore

We played Saints BINGO (printable can be found here at Catholic Mom)....

The kids colored their name Saints from our Faith Keepers Holy Card Maker software cd....

(Our newest Young one, who isn't even born yet, had a little help coloring hers from her big brother, Fone)

Like last year, we had a wonderful Saints feast as well....

**I forgot a few things with our meal...  1) to snap a quick picture of St Therese's roses, 2) cut the fingers for our stigmata sandwhiches, and 3) I messed up my grocery list and had the wrong kind of cookie written down so we didn't get to make and eat St Cecilia's musical notes (piano).  Guess I can blame it on my pregnancy brain still, right?? 

 **The printable tags can be found here at Catholic Icing.

And, we finished the night off by getting in jammies, brushing teeth and laying around watching a CCC Saint DVD and part of a Don Bosco movie that we had on our DVR from EWTN.  

Happy All Saints Day!!
May the Saints always be an inspiration to lead 
you ever close to Our Lord, Jesus!!  <><

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