Saturday, February 8, 2014

Star Wars themed feast and birthday party

Max turned 6 a few days ago, and we just had his party with cousins - a Star Wars themed party. Our kids are able to have the cousins around their age over for food, fun, and games until they turn 7, and after that they are able to include some friends as well.  So, this is Mark's last cousin-only party, although with his 3 cousins his age, it's a nice sized party already!  He has some buddies his age and I know will be thrilled when he can finally start asking them as well.

Having parties for our younger crew is becoming easier and easier every year!  The bigger kids just take over and plan and lead it!  It's so wonderful as a momma to stand back and see the love the siblings have for each other in moments like this.  Fone planned a couple of the games, decorated the treat bags, printed off little coloring books, and pretty much ran the whole party.  Mario drew and set up the Pass the Light Saber game, while Melody created the light sabers, and Ariel filled the treat bags.  Max is sure lucky to have great big brothers and sisters!!  For the Star Wars feast, I did a quick Google search and up popped plenty of ideas for Star Wars themed food!  I needed fast and easy and didn't have much time to research since we had just came home from a mini-vacation. Things fell together so nicely with very little planning!  I love when God takes over and things like this work out so smoothly!  Here are plans and pictures from the wonderful party....

"A feast fit for a Jedi" 
I think the pictures tell the story of what was served and ate....

(scoop tortilla chips)

And for the games/activities....

Pin the Light Saber on Yoda
Mario drew and decorated a large Yoda on poster paper and Melody created a light saber for each boy.  Typical "pin the tail on the donkey" game - spun the kid round and round, and they each got to pass the light saber into Master Yoda's hands.  This type of game is always a hit!!  

Jedi Training Session and a Surprise Attack
Obi-Wan showed up and taught the Jedi-in-training some moves with their new light sabers (pool noodles cut into smaller sections with duct tape on the ends - makes for "safe" fighting).  In the midst of their training, they were attacked by Darth Vader and a Storm Trooper.  The new Jedi showed off their new moves and defeated the forces of evil.  

Jedi Mission (scavenger hunt)
I am amazed every time Fone plans these scavenger hunts!  SO well written and they tie in perfectly with the theme.  Definitely one of his gifts!  Again, these scavenger hunts always win over at the party, especially when the treasure is TREAT BAGS!!

Coloring books
Fone printed off coloring pages and stapled them together to form a little book.  He used one of our favorite online printable coloring book sites.  

Fun was had by all, little kids and big kids!  Of course, we had to finish with some yummy cupcakes and a posed picture of this wonderful crew of cousins that Max is blessed to have!

May the force be with you!!!  

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