Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holy Thursday - 2014

Today begins the Holy Triduum in our Church!  It is one of my favorite Masses of the whole year. Fone and Mario served Mass and our family was asked to take up the gifts following the dressing of the altar and the presentation of the holy oils.  Super special night!!!

Before Mass, we fed our hungry crew a Holy Thursday themed meal, almost identical to the meal we have done for the last two years.  It's so sweet how the kids look forward to and remember and talk about these special traditions throughout the year.

Here was our menu...

**Hearts of Palm**
(we had salad - one plain and one Caesar, since palms are green plants too and we need a veggie)

**Costly Oil**
(plain ole olive oil - we sprinkled on some parmesan and crushed pepper for a yummy dip for the bread)

**Thirty Pieces of Silver**
(30 Ritz crackers)

**Unleavened Bread**
(skinny bread - went great with the olive oil dip)

**Mount of Olives**
(black olives)

**Cock Crows Twice**
(chicken pot pies)

**Gethsemane Figs**
(Fig Newtons)

**Judas' Kisses**
(Hershey's kisses with green wrappers)

**Clouds of Heaven**
(Cool Whip to go with the fig newtons)

**Peter's Tears**
(Altoid mints - they are so strong, they can bring tears to your eyes)

Here is our celebration for 2012.  And as always, a HUGE thanks to Jessica for sharing the idea of this tea to begin with - what a wonderful inspiration she is to me!!!

++Thank you, God, for ideas like this themed tea to help remember and understand all about the sacrifice of Your Son and His great love for us.++  

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