Tuesday, April 1, 2014

NOT an April Fool's joke....

I promise you!!  

I was one of those "naughty" people who claimed on Facebook that I was pregnant with twins on this day last year.  
I thought I'd better redeem myself this year....

November 9th, 2014 
(our little Rose's second birthday, actually!)

Will be closer to:  
the first week of October though (5 weeks early)

Prayers needed: 
This will be my eighth c-section.  I was breaking records with little Rose's delivery at our hospital but God decided that we should have another one.  It is all part of His perfect plan.  We know and trust that.  We will most definitely need another miracle, and we hope you will lift our beautiful baby and myself up in prayer along this journey, and most especially when the time comes closer to delivery.  Specifically, please pray for "a uterus of steel and healthy tissue".  I would greatly appreciate it if you spread the word with this prayer request as well - we need ALL the prayers we can get.  Thanks bunches!! 

And, as shown in the JOY our children shared with us about this beautiful, wonderful, amazing news, we can all use a little reminder....

"The greatest gift you can give your 

child is another sibling."

-Pope John Paul II

++Thank you, God, for this baby, whom we already love so much!!  We know and believe and trust in Your perfect plan!++


  1. Congratulations!!! May God shower abundant blessings on your family!♥

  2. Wonderful news Katie!! We will be praying for you and the baby. You inspire me, my goodness! I forgot to tell you that my husband thought your little girl was just the cutest! Take care :)

  3. Congratulations!! We have already started praying for you and the youngest Young. My prayer group will also be talking to God for you so we will be looking forward to updates.


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