Friday, September 26, 2014

7 quick takes - a little bit of this and a little bit of that

Lots of little bits around here, going here and going there, and enjoying our "at home" time when that pops up too!   Here's a peek at our week and all the things God has been doing in our life....

Getting ready for baby in little bits.... we deep cleaned and moved around his, Doh- I mean "our", bedroom this weekend.  We got rid of a LOT of dust and have his sleeping quarters all ready to go.  Lots more on the list to do; but hey, we have a little over 2 weeks.  Plenty of time, right???

Plugging away at school at the Young Family Academy....  We are in week 7 and have found a nice groove called whoever-is-the-loudest-and-asks-the-most-gets-mommy-first.  We're doing as good and as peaceful as we can when there is one only mom/teacher (who is moving very ...s...l...o...w....), 6 students of varying ages and curriculum, and a toddler who gets into everything she should not.  So, lots of little bits of momma going around to teach and love and correct and guide these young'uns!  Thank God these kids are patient and understanding and there is a lot more computer-based learning to get us through this busy year!  

This sweet beauty just celebrated her 10th Baptismal Anniversary yesterday!   This quiet, little, meek girl is shouting out loud and clear that she is a "God Girl"!   Love her to pieces and the beautiful girl she is becoming each and every year!!!

This same sweet Beauty also gets ate by bugs little by little each time she is outside.  There is something about her, Max, and myself that bugs (most probably skeeters) are attracted too.  I have half a dozen bites on my legs too, I just don't react like Melody does.  I took her in to the dr a couple days ago, because although she had her normal CrAzY reaction of redness and swelling, there was also a blister that formed at the bite mark.  It's looking much better now after a days of benadryl and itch creams.

Pregnancy insomnia hits almost every night, so I take my sleep when I can get it - definitely in lots of little bits!!!  And as strange as it sounds, I actually get better sleep when da baby arrives.  

Our oldest of our young'uns just moved up from a size 8 shoe to a size 10!  I was definitely wrong in assuming his feet had only grew a little. I was thinking he'd go up by only one shoe size, not skip an entire size!!!  Man, I felt terrible after that trip to the shoe store!!!  And how did he get so big so fast??!!!!  Enjoy and love your kiddos every little bit and chance that you get, because it is so true that they grow up "in the blink of an eye"!  

As a busy momma of a large crew and the time and energy it takes to run a household and school in the midst of it all, I get little "me" time, and I'm perfectly fine and happy with that because of the grace and joy He sends when you live out your vocation to the best of your abilities.  That being said, I am extremely grateful and have used that "me" time wisely when it does happen- at my weekly prayer group.  We listen to each other, encourage each other, pray with each other, advise each other, and share with each other how God's presence has been seen and felt throughout our days.  These weekly gatherings and Christ-centered friendships are a true treasure!!! And who would have thought that I'd be having the sweetest little baby shower with baby #8 - thanks to these wonderful ladies loving and spoiling me?!!!

++Thank you, God, for your unending 
love and presence in all these little
 ways that add up to SO much!++


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