Thursday, October 16, 2014

A whole lot of sibling LOVE

You know when you go on a vacation with a .......l...o...n...g....... drive and how the kids ask every two minutes that question that drives every parent *W*I*L*D* --- "are we there yet?".  Well, having a new baby with older siblings is somewhat similar.  I bet you can't even guess that question, although completely wonderful and sweet, but asked a zillion times definitely can start to make your head spin --- "can I hold the baby?" -OR- "is it my turn yet?".  Yeah, we've been playing LOTS of baby hot potato around here and what a beautiful blessing it is that our new little guy has ALL these brothers and sisters who love and adore him so much!!  

~~Rose and baby~~

~~Pookey and baby~~

~~Max and baby~~

~~Ariel and baby~~

~~Melody and baby~~

~~Mario and baby~~

~~Fone and baby~~ 

~~All 8 of them~~

Isn't 8 great?!?!

++Thank you, God, for these eight beautiful, wonderful blessings you have sent to us!!++

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