Thursday, October 23, 2014

Our favorite versions of "Let It Go"

With two girls ages 8 and 10, it is clearly no doubt that we are Frozen fans!  And, you may even remember, Ariel had a Frozen themed birthday party for her birthday this past year.  The girls really wanted to be Anna and Elsa for Halloween, but with our special delivery, the momma hasn't been thinking too much about Halloween costumes and preparing to celebrate that holiday.  It's been all about baby instead and all the local stores are sold out of Anna and Elsa costumes as well as Etsy.  I had shared our favorite versions of "What does the fox say" a while back and have been meaning to share our favorite versions of "Let It Go" and I am finally getting around to it.  Enjoy!!

The original "Let It Go" with scenes from the movie...

Can you say TALENT??  This man and all the character voices he can make are just amazing!!  My boys, especially love this version and sing the song with many of these voices regularly!!  

This was one of the first "Let It Go" video's we watched and the kids all still talk about the sweet little girls and how they mixed up many of the words.  Sometimes, I even catch them singing their silly mess ups, just to be funny.  

This guy also had a "What does the fox say" parody.  So funny!!  

I really should memorize some of these lines and use them regularly with the kids.  "I said no, I said no, ....", "I said share your best toys when you play", "That pout never bothered me anyway", "will you slow down before you end up in a cast?".  

Now I can bet what song you'll be singing the rest of the day!!  ;) 

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