Friday, December 19, 2014

7 quick takes - a week in review

Christmas is coming!!!  Only one more week!!

#1 - Last week we celebrated two Mexican feasts in our domestic church - Saint Juan Diego and Our Lady Guadalupe!!  Easy kid friendly Mexican food was served both days.  How great it is to be Catholic and having so many reasons to celebrate!!
++Saint Juan Diego and Our Lady Guadalupe, pray for us!!++

#2 - Neil and our big boys got to test out those cool new guns that Saint Nicholas brought them.  Fone was extra prepared and had 4, yes FOUR, pairs of pants on for cushion.  Such a goofey kid!!  I don't know who had more fun - the three of them running around the yard or the little kids and I on the inside running around from window to window to watch the air soft wars.  

#3 - We celebrated another special saint on Saturday and surprised the kids with our plans....  After Mass, we grabbed a bite to eat and had a "picnic" in the van and drove around our area to see all the beautiful Christmas lights.  Thank God for Facebook and my wonderful friends who offered all the suggestions on where to go.  Our favorites were a house that had a light show set to all the Frozen songs and another house that had hundreds of blow up decorations.  What a fun way to celebrate the patron of LIGHT!!
++Saint Lucy, pray for us!!++

#4 - The big girls and I treated ourselves to a fun brunch and show at a local dinner theater.  We went with a good friend and her two oldest daughters.  Twas the Night Before Christmas was showing and we were all happy with both the performance and the delicious food!  

#5 - Christmas caroling on Sunday in the town where I grew up!!  Neil took the 4 big kids out while I stayed back at the church hall with the 4 littles - you gotta do what works, eh?   Taking a toddler and a baby outside this time of year doesn't work too well, and Pookey and Mark were not too thrilled wandering around outside in the dark either.  After the caroling bunch was done, we all shared and enjoyed cookies and hot chocolate at the hall!!    (It was a jam-packed weekend of fun, family, food, and faith!!)

#6 - This beauty of ours celebrated her second Baptismal anniversary as well.  Keep shining His light sweet Rose!!  

#7 - Christmas is coming, right?  And we all know who that special day is about?  Santa?  NO!  (St. Nicholas comes to our house weeks earlier to allow the focus on Who it should be on Christmas). Me?  NO?  (It's definitely not about me, myself and I and what I get, although the Who is actually a gift for us all.  We don't buy our kids any Christmas gifts for THE Gift has already been given). It is about Our Heavenly Father sending Love down to us all to be with us in a very real way.  It is about a Baby who is the One who will save us all!  Ah yes, Jesus, the Messiah, born on Christmas Day - THE best gift of all!!  Still waiting and still preparing!!  It's almost here!!!

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