Friday, December 19, 2014

Feast of St. Nicholas - 2014

A couple Saturday's ago, the kids awoke to full stockings, toys, games, books and more from jolly ole Saint Nicholas!

What a blessing that he comes to our kids on his feast day rather than on Christmas, so that the focus is on Jesus instead of "me, me, me" on His special day.  Makes for a more peaceful and meaningful Advent in our home as well.

Some of the favorites this year were....
air soft guns for the big boys
a cool Hobbit lego set for Fone
an electric guitar for Mario
barbies and girl dart guns for Melody and Ariel
a beautiful castle and new playmobil's for the littles to share
fuzzy big foot slippers and remote control cars for Max and Pookey
baby bottles and a leap pad for Rose
new jammies for all 8 kids
sleepers and a sling for baby Yoda

Phew!  That was a lot to list - guess Saint Nicholas thought our kids were good this year!!  

++St. Nicholas, thank you for your intercession and generosity to all children.  Please pray for us that we may be loving and generous like you and that we may always grow closer to Our Lord!++
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