Friday, September 25, 2015

A mess-up turned into beauty

A lesson for us all:

Pookey comes to me with the saddest face ever because he "messed up the card" that he was making for his Aunt when he drew a "horrible heart" and then he scribbled all over it because he hated it.

Oh boy! Teaching moment.... 
Our messes can be transformed into something beautiful. 
It is never too late. 
There should never be any giving up. 
Sometimes you just need to show your messes to someone who love you. 
Someone who will not judge or put you down. 
And then they can help you make them into something beautiful.
This lesson can point us to Above as well.  Our Lord can take our weaknesses and mess-ups and turn them into strength and something beautiful for Him.

Look at this transformation.  Afterwards he said it was "the most beautiful heart ever". All it took was a little love. A little encouragement. A little help.
++Thank you, God!!++

“Behold, I make all things new.” 
~Revelation 21:5

Your turn!!! Share some messes that have been turned into something beautiful....

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