Sunday, September 20, 2015

Pope Francis visits the US - activities for kids!

Oh yes!!  He'll be here on Tuesday.  Well, "here" meaning the United States!!  And, we *know* he'd be visiting us personally if he had some spare time, eh?  ;)   But since we know he's a busy man and we couldn't swing out to visit him, we had to celebrate these days nonetheless.

When I saw this Flat Francis idea, I jumped on it!  We couldn't go to see him, he couldn't visit us, so why not bring him to us in a special way - as Flat Francis!!

I printed out a schedule of his visit, so that we can refer to it throughout his stay, and a couple more print-outs.  And, I'm sure we'll be watching EWTN plenty as well.  Can't wait!  :)

Stay tuned - we are planning on taking lots of pictures of Flat Francis during his stay with us and sharing them here on the blog!

***click on the image below to take you to a beautiful post on praying a Novena during the Papal visit***

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