Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

Picking out pumpkins

Our Kids' Halloween Costumes

Fone:  Spartan
Mario:  Ranger
Melody:  Elsa
Ariel:  Anna
Mario:  Robin Hood
Pookey:  King
Rose:  Servant Girl
Yoda:  Yoda  ;)

Halloween Hustle
with some of their cousins

4 sisters Halloween picture!!!  Love these girls!!  

Visiting the Cemetery 
(This year was my first time and my kid's first time not being able to trick-or-treat to a great-grandparent.  My last living grandparent passed away this summer.  So a visit out to the cemetery was a must!  And, a cemetery visit would not be complete without visiting my brothers - Tony and Matthew.  Monday is the day we celebrate All Souls, so we made our trip out the cemetery a little early.)  

Carving and Painting Pumpkins 


Was totally NOT expecting the bruised and sore arm the next day!!  But I guess all the scraping with the six pumpkins that we carved was a little too much stress on my forearm.  Youch!  Has anyone else had this happen before??  


Didn't take a picture of it, but we ended our evening eating the traditional Goblin Stew that I grew up eating as a kid every Halloween.  I made up two big pans and we took them out to my parents to eat and celebrate together.  So glad I went back to Grandma many times to ask her about and to perfect her recipe, when Neil and I were first married.  It had to be "just so" or it doesn't taste right.  She put up with all my questions and helped pass on her special recipe to me, and I am so grateful for that.  Hopefully, this yummy dish will be a tradition that I can continue every Halloween!!  Love and miss her SO much!!

++Thank you, God, for Halloween fun, 
my sweet 8 pumpkins, traditions passed on, 
and for memories made!!++

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