Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Circle B Chuckwagon Dinner

Carrying on with sharing more about our trip Way Out West....

After an awesome Volksmarch and trip to Crazy Horse, we were able to complete our evening with a yummy dinner and show at Circle B Chuckwagon Dinner.

We got there about an hour early so the kids could enjoy all the outdoor activities - lassoing, panning for gold/gems, watching and chatting with the wood carver, wax bullet shooting, little jail cells to climb into, and of course, shopping!!  The kids had a blast.  Well, and so did the adults.  :)

Then there was a short outdoor shootout show.  They called the kids out to the grassy area and had them "help".  It was cheesy but so adorable and fun for all.

Then the dinner and show/music/entertainment.  First, I have to say that we have been to many fancy dinners at Disney and have a great dinner/theater here locally.  So we have plenty to compare this Chuckwagon Dinner to.  And, I would rate this experience up with the TOP!  For real!  Even in comparison to the Disney meals and our fancy dinner/theater here!!  The food, the experience, the show, the environment just captured the Western theme perfectly!!  Definitely a highlight of our trip!!

Taken directly from their website, here's the "fix'ins" for the meal part....
"foil wrapped baked potatoes, cowboy beans, chunky applesauce, biscuits, spice cake, hot cowboy coffee and cold lemonade."

If you visit SD, this is a MUST!  It's worth the money for what you get!!  And, the best part about it is the family that runs the Chuckwagon Dinner is Christian and they have a food blessing prayer before the meal and multiple songs that mention God!  We loved this!  :)

"It is a truly authentic western experience - a present day reflection of the early spirit of this frontier land."

I mentioned above "watching and chatting with the woodcarver".  Well, our Mario was captivated!  Woodcarver Doug Ladd offers a great deal - if you buy one of the woodcarving kits (only $20!), he gives a short woodcarving lesson to go with it.  Mario was the only kid who attended the lesson and it lasted around 20 minutes.  He learned safety and the beginning "how to's" on woodcarving.  It was wonderful!  And right up Mario's alley - our creative kiddo!  :)

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