Wednesday, July 27, 2016

My Baseball Stars

Last week ended our baseball season for the summer.  Our two middle boys, Max and Pookey, begged and begged to play baseball.  We ended up saying "yes" and giving it a try for them, just so they had that experience to play, if only for one season even.  They were blessed enough to have their uncle coach (for Max) and uncle and father coach (for Pookey) and both of them had a cousin on their team.  That made it extra fun for everyone - including ME since I got to sit and jabber with my sister while watching their games.

Of course, both boys LOVED it and want to play next year too.  We are not going to promise them though.  They'll get plenty of opportunity to play baseball around the yard.  Plus, we tend to choose sports that can include more siblings.  It's just easier for our family that way since we have some many young ones so close in age.

Here are some pictures from their wonderful season.

*** MAX on the Indian team ***

*** POOKEY on the Oriole team ***

++Thank you, God, for our time this summer at the ball diamond and fun with family while there!++
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