Saturday, February 18, 2017

14 Fabulous Years With You

Hi, darling Mario!!!

Today, you turn 14!!!  Oy!  How and when did that happen.  You are our second son.  So very different from your older brother, Fone.  So uniquely blessed in your very own way by God!  We love you and wish you a blessed day today!

To celebrate 14 years of your life, here are 14 of the many things we love about you...

#1 ~ you are my BEST friend (Fone)

#2 ~ that you are MY Godfather!!!  (Lady)

#3 ~ that I am a mini-YOU (Max)

#4 ~ your cheery and positive personality

#5 ~ you jump on the trampoline nice with me (Pookey)

#6 ~ that you always tell jokes and make me laugh (Ariel)

#7 ~ you play with me and love me (Yoda)

#8 ~ your creativity

#9 ~ how you naturally enjoy playing with and spending time with your younger siblings

#10 ~ you are easy going

#11 ~ that you let me play Air Soft wars with you (Melody)

#12 ~ that you are SO silly (Rose)

#13 ~ you are SO handsome!!!  Ooooh la la!!

#14 ~ your giggle

We love you bunches, Mario!!

++Thank you, God, for Mario!!!  Please bless him abundantly over the next year!!++
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