Sunday, February 5, 2017

You are NINE and so very very FINE!!

Happy birthday, Max!!!   

Nine is fine, Max, and FINE you are!!!

To celebrate your 9th birthday, here are NINE things we love about you....

#1 - that you always play with me - lego's, cards, and playing outside (Ariel)

 #2- you make me smile and I love your snuggles!!!  (Lady)

#3 - you are a gamer like me (Fone)

#4 - you are so calm and easy going (Melody)

#5 - You are nice to me when we play board games (Pookey)

#6 -  You are fun and like to play dress up with me (Rose)

#7 - that you are a mini-me (Mario)

#8 - "I yuv you" (Yoda)

#9 - You light up a room.  You light up MY life!   You are such a positive and happy kid!    (Mommy)

++Thank you, God, for Max!!!  Please bless him abundantly over the next year!!++

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