Saturday, August 18, 2012

Brave party for our sweet 8 year old

We LOVE to do themed birthday parties at our house.  When the movie Brave came out a couple months ago, the girls and I HAD to go see it.  All three of us fell in love with it.  My girls are so much like the character, Merida - they are very much the princesses in our house, but with four brothers, they are very rough and tumble and love the outdoors.  So, it was no surprise to me when I asked Melody what theme she wanted that she chose Brave. 

And a huge thank-you to Google and the amazing technology right at tip of our fingers.  I found loads of ideas and stole a few.  Here's a look at some things we prepared for the party ahead of time....


  • Large PVC bow and arrows (my sweet nephew made 5 of them for our family - he made a variation of this bow and arrow) - see pics below....

I meant to take a picture of our dinner, but the three hours seemed to fly-by that I completely forgot to snap one.  The dinner menu included:  chicken legs, mashed potatoes & gravy, corn, fruity jello.  A meal meant for a princess like Merida! 

Now for the pictures of all the fun.....

practicing with the mini bow and arrows inside

the crew of girls and their mini bow and arrows

Now they are ready for the BIG bow and arrow shoot out!! 
the target

Dinner fit for a princess!!  (at least a princess like Merida!)

Melody and all her friends  ready for cake-time (the Brave cake that I worked so hard on - NOT!  (unless I can count taking 6 kids to the store to pick it up???) 

8 is definitely GREAT!!!
What a wonderful time we had!!  Melody is such a wonderful daughter, sister, cousin, and friend!  She is such a blessing to us all.  And, what a pleasure it was to totally spoil her this night and make it all she wanted it to be!  Love you sweetie!!! 

Thank you God for the last eight years we have had with this beautiful girl!!! 

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