Friday, August 24, 2012

A blessed "11 is Heaven" birthday to our Fone

Here's last years post on Fone's birthday that included photos from birth up until 10 years.  This year, I am sharing photos since his 10th birthday - the past year.  What  blessed year it has been.  He is still strong as ever in his personality which helps him succeed in so many things.  What a gift he has been given in that!  He is super intelligent, kind and caring and will jump to help when asked (even if it is after a couple times because of his "selective hearing").  He's always found with a nose in a book and can read for hours on end.  He is such a wonderful son, brother and friend and is a blessing to all.  May he grow even closer to our Lord over the coming year!

Mario and Fone at the Fall Festival 2011

showing off his balloon animal at the John Deere Race - 2011 - gotta love his goofey look! 

Fone passing around the grains at the Pine Creek Grist Mill

fall 2011

helping his sister, Ariel, with her piano lesson - you can see the JOY on his face helping her! 

the building brothers! 

now the shooting brothers - cap guns from St. Nick

lifting up his baby brother to help him reach

one of our favorite family games to play - Disney Headbanz

Fone boogie-boarding at the Dells - Jan 2012

Fone took over leading and planning Max's 4th birthday party - here he is leading the scavenger hunt

reading and sharing with his family the best book of all time

Easter 2012

building brothers again!

making May Day flowers - 2012

Fone swinging Pookey

Fone giving Pookey a piggy-back ride and a walking-break at Swiss Valley Park - 2012

May 2012 (taken at Swiss Valley Park)

Thanks for the wonderful year, sweetie, and adding so much JOY to our life! 
Happy 11th birthday!!   
We love you so much, Fone!!!!

Loving God, you created all the people of the world and you know each of us by name. We thank you for Fone , who today celebrates his birthday. Bless him with your love and friendship that he may grow in wisdom, knowledge, and grace. May he love his family always and be faithful to his friends. 
(taken from birthday blessings)

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  1. Neat house of cards! that takes patience and diligence.


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