Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mini bow and arrow set (for a Brave party)

Melody had a Brave themed birthday party and these mini bow and arrow sets were one of the hits of the party.  And, the best thing about them is that the arrows are safe and you'll never run out of them because they are made from Q-tips!!  How clever!!  Here's how we made them....

supplies:  Popsicle sticks, dental floss, knife, q-tips

Step 1:  Make notches on both ends of the Popsicle sticks with a knife (you may have to zoom in to get a better look). 

Step 2: Soak the Popsicle sticks in water for at least an hour (to help them bend)

Step 3:  Snip off one end of the Q-tips to make the arrows (I used a sharp pair of scissors) and did this while the Popsicle sticks were soaking

Step 4:  Wrap a long strand of floss around one end of the Popsicle stick a few times and triple knot it.  Then gently bend the stick and wrap the floss around the other side a few times and triple knot it.  Cut off any leftover floss that is hanging off. 

Viola!!!  We gave each girl who came to the party their very own bow with 3 little arrows in a Ziploc bag.  They had so much fun with them.  I know we will be making plenty more of these soon - my boys want their own as well!  What a fun, easy craft! 

(a big thanks to the Brooding Hen for sharing her tutorial)
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