Friday, October 12, 2012


Our family started taking Tae Kwon Do in March of 2010, we wanted a sport that would not entail us splitting up between kids, but instead bring us together.  In the beginning, Fone, Mario, and I did it, later the girls joined us as well.  I was thrilled to find something that I could do with the kids, ALL TOGETHER, and it is flexible.  I was already sick of driving each kid to a different soccer/baseball field and splitting us up for games...etc.  We have found that the discipline involved has been good for the boys, they have to take class seriously or they get to do push-ups :-).  There is a perfect mix of fun, and hard work to strive for goals.  It has become our homeschooling gym class for the older 4 kids.

April 2010 - Fone, Neil, Mario

October 2012 - Fone, Neil and Mario
Melody when she promoted to high blue in August 2012

Ariel when she promoted to low green in August 2012

The boys and I tested for our first black belt (temp black) on October 6th.  It is considered the hardest test for TKD students, you are required to perform everything that you have learned for all of the lower belts, plus spar with 10+ black belts (one at a time).  It was a great time, it tested us physically and mentally, and was a great honor to earn our temp black belts. 

Getting ready to begin test

Mario was called out first!! 

Fone's turn

Neil is ready to go!

  Neil finishing his Hwa Rang form

Neil one step sparring

 Fone and Mario doing the Chung Mu form (their highest form)

Fone and Mario one step sparring

 Fone's board break

Mario's board break

 Neil's board break

 Fone sparring Mr Vallejo

 Mario sparring Mr Vallejo

Being tested on terminology

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