Saturday, October 13, 2012

Very late update on our Max....

I had posted a prayer request for our Max back in April, asking for prayers since he woke up one day with crossed eyes, glasses didn't do anything to fix the crossing and the next stop was an MRI with contrast to rule out a lesion and the quick onset.  The MRI came back normal as can be - praise God!  And, the next step was to attempt eye surgery to correct the crossing.  What a blessing it was to be facing eye surgery instead of brain surgery!  Thank you, God!  Anyways, it's now been a few months since his surgery at the end of July, and I realized that I haven't shared an update - doh!  I am SO sorry this is late getting out.

Here are some pictures with his crossing (pre-surgery)....

Day OF surgery...

right before surgery

Home and resting after surgery - he slept almost all day and didn't open his eyes up 'til evening

Finally - eyes open, but still pretty squinty

 Days after the surgery/healing process....

day after surgery - note the sunglasses because of all the light sensitivity

5 days after surgery - still pretty sensitive to light - he loved his shades! 
Some recent pictures to show his straight eyes!!!  Amazing! 


Max has had two appointments with his eye doctor since surgery and the doctor is happy with his healing and how straight his eyes are.  He doesn't want to see him back in the office until the end of December.  Yay - because this kiddo needs a break!!  :)  

Thank you all for your prayers!!  
God has been so good to us and wrapped His arms around our wonderful Max in his time of need.  
Thank you, God!!!  <><

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  1. Thank God!

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