Monday, September 24, 2012

Rejoicing always!!

Rejoice in the Lord always!
-Philippians 4:4

It's been a while since my last "Multitudes on Mondays" post - almost a year, but not quite - doh!  I really have missed typing them and sharing them and praying all the way through.  But...  we have not stopped counting.  We are in the 1600's now and my last post was sharing that "we made it" to 1000.  Somedays the kids are much better than I at jotting down the gifts that have come our way.  But, we have all developed a much more grateful heart in both the big and little gifts.  Even our little Pookey (2-1/2 y/o) has expressed his gratitude in the smallest of things, and it just warms my heart hearing him say, "Thank you God for....".  The simple, verbal prayer of "Thank you God for...." or "Lord help me..." was shared by a friend sometime last year and has definitely stuck and now spread to those little ears and hearts in our home.  She shared with me how important it is to pray those silent prayers out loud sometimes to witness our need and dependance on God, especially when it comes to sharing our faith with our little ones.  WOW -was she right!  Thank you God for that wonderful piece of wisdom that was shared with me back then!   

 Onto our "1000 Gifts" - thank you God for these and all gifts received....
(I just used the last couple pages of the journal - it would take me DAYS to get caught up on a summary of gifts from 1000-now)

1594 - Hershey's chocolate candy bar won at Bingo, but then shared amongst the other siblings later
1600 - a husband that leads 
1602 - gifts "masked" - contractions that are hard to keep track of and follow and a sweet wiggly baby
1603 - Neil cleaning and moving around the living room to make room for the swing and porta-crib
1607 - "Hi!  Thank you for the cook-out.  Love - Aunt C."   (from one of my sisters after a weekend weiner roast a couple weeks ago)
1608 - ConQuest for the 3 big boys
Mario, Max, and Fone
1610 - a fireworks show and perfect view from our front yard
1611 - chili!!
1612 - a new purse (a prize that Ariel won at Bingo with her great-grandma)
1613 - a gift of homemade bread made by a sweet friend, not even knowing our own Mario said a few days prior, "Mom, it's been SOOOOOO long ago since you made homemade bread"
1615 - kids ripping apart Dady's shirt (literally!)
1616 - celebrating 100 years of John Deere Harvester and 175 years of the company of John Deere with my parents and sisters
my dad and I

my dad - who has been retired from Deere for almost 3 years now

my 3 sisters, my parents, and my sweet nephew (in the stroller)

1618 - swimming party at my sister's pool during September!  

my mom and Pookey

1619 - little boys playing at grandma's all day, giving me the much needed break to take care of myself and kick up my feet to limit contractions
1620 - failing my 3 hour glucose, but having my sisters encouraging me that everything will be okay
1621 - easy quick meals during this time when I need to "take it easy" and my sister reminding me that this is just a short season in our lives right now and not to feel bad
1623 - beautiful fall weather
1625 - Melody and Ariel playing "The Mad-catter and the Princess"
The Mad-catter (Ariel)

The Princess (Melody)

The Mad-catter attacking the poor Princess
 1626 - kids that jump and help when needed

.....  and still counting!!

Please join me in counting the 1000 Gifts that never end!! 

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