Sunday, January 6, 2013

3 is a wonderful age to be!!

Pookey had a birthday right before Christmastime and turned 3 --  what a wonderful age to be!!

Since his birthday is so close to Christmas, we know we still need to make a big deal about a day just for HIM, and not let it roll right into all the Christmas celebrations.  Last year, Neil took the day off work and we all went to a museum and out for lunch (which rarely happens in our large family - too much money and too much work!).  It was such a fun day!!  We were wanting to celebrate in the same way with lunch and a museum for his 3rd birthday, but we had a huge snowstorm/blizzard the day before his birthday.  This was the first real snowfall of the winter and all the kids, including the birthday boy, wanted to stay home and enjoy the SNOW!  So, that's just what we did.  Thank goodness we stayed home too because many of the schools were even cancelled on his birthday - we would have had a hard time just getting out the door and to a restaurant and museum safely. 

Here's our sweet 3 year old the morning of his birthday - all smiles!!!

Now for breakfast time....  snowman pancakes (thanks to Jessica for sharing her cute idea).   These were so much fun and chocolate chip pancakes are always a favorite in our house! 

And, for the SNOW fun....

And, his super cute, snowman birthday cake with WAY too much frosting to make the chubby snowman.... 

May God bless our Pookey with many more 
HAPPY and BLESSED birthdays.  
We love you Pookey!!!

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