Saturday, January 12, 2013

He just can't get enough of her....

 It's moments like this that I just want to pause time.  

When Rose was first born, Max begged and begged and wanted to hold her like everyone else.  He was just done quicker than everyone else though too.  We'd hand her to him, and before we knew it, he'd say "I'm done now".  
But now....  it's a little different.  

He is totally in love, and she's in love with him.  He can't get enough of her.  He can't even look at me when I take a picture of the two of them.  There's something much cuter to look at.  He knows that.  

And, there are 5 other siblings that can't get enough of her either.  I'm just in awe of the love that the big brothers and sisters have for our sweet little girl.  

Thank you, God, for the many times a day when you show your presence to me in precious moments like this!

I am WAY blessed!!!  

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