Sunday, January 6, 2013

Star Wars birthday party

Better late than never, huh??  Fone turned 11 in August, and I'm finally getting around to sharing about his birthday party.  He chose a Star Wars theme this year.  Neil was so sweet and did most of the planning, since he's more of a Star Wars fan than myself.  He even managed to surprise Fone on some of the games until the actual party.  It was a wonderful party and so much fun to be able to do this for Fone.

Prep before the party

1)  Make these cool pool noodle light sabers - out of pool noodle and different colored duct tape....

 2) Print these fun Alphabet Scavenger Hunt sheets for the boys to complete....
(I don't know the website Neil found it from, but I saved the pdf file and would be happy to share it if you would like it.  LMK....)

 Games and food for the party

For food, we try make things super simple for the boys and their parties.  Most of the time, the boys just want to eat and get to the games as fast as they can!  The request was for cheese pizza, chips, jello jigglers, pop, and of course, CAKE!

Light saber battles

Prison ball (a type of dodge-ball game)

ABC scavenger hunt (from above)

May you be blessed with many more 
HAPPY birthdays, Fone!
We love you!!!

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  1. The boys at our house are still having fun "battling" with the light saber noodle! Thank you for this fun party!


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