Monday, September 30, 2013

Math fun ~~ creating geometric solids

I love the internet!  (most of the time!)

I love Saxon! (even though it is very challenging and intense at times, lol!)

Put them together and it makes for a fun day to print, learn, and create all at the same time.  Mario hit lesson 100 in Saxon 5/4 last week and we were supposed to copy some geometric solids from the activity book.   They were pretty small in size and I knew it would make it pretty difficult to cut and be precise enough for the geometric solid to turn out nicely.  So, using good ole google and searching for "printable geometric solids" allows for plenty of larger printables to be found.  (we used the 3 from the sites listed below)
Here are a few pictures from Mario's lesson....

What a fun and practical way to understand geometric solids and find how many faces, vertices, and edges are on each of them!  :)

Since we are lovers of this very popular building game, the kids have been busy coloring, cutting and creating away using these awesome printables! Hopefully I can share in the future some of their Minecraft creations! 

The printables came from these sites:
SEN teacher
Super Teacher
Creative Parties

++Thank you, God, for math, learning, and fun all in one!!++
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