Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bowling and birthday fun

Our oldest, Fone, turned 12 a couple weeks ago and celebrated his birthday with some good friends at our place (someday, I may get around to posting pics and blogging on it....  after I get a chance to blog about Melody, Mario, and Ariel's last birthday parties - lol!).   Anyways, Fone was sharing with us how he loves to spend time with his sweet cousin who is around is age, but a girl.  He was kinda sad he didn't get to celebrate with her, since he only has "boy" parties.  So, we decided to include her in a little outing of dinner out and bowling during the same weekend of Fone's birthday.  We had a wonderful time!!!

Neil and the little boys rocking it out with their air guitars

Don't you just love Ariel's silly face?

Fone, Mario and their sweet cousin

Baby Rose

Pookey's first time bowling and he LOVED it and did SO good!! 

We love you so much, Fone!!!!! 

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